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Group estimates nearly 1.8 million undocumented immigrants could avoid deportation

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Migration Policy Institute says 360,000 more illegal immigrants than previously thought could qualify for deferred deportation when … Read More

Urban baby blog: Living in sin

I started living with my now husband Mike before we got married. It was necessary for the relationship. He was living in Manhattan, and I was living on Staten … Read More

An aeronautical engineer sees his dreams take flight with Mars landing

He’s hardly slept for days, but Fernando Abilleira doesn’t mind, because the landing of NASA’s multi-billion dollar rover on Mars means that his life-long dream … Read More

How to make: Gallo Pinto

Gallo pinto – creamy rice and flavorful, hearty beans laced with the bite of garlic and flecked with savory cilantro – is the national dish of Costa Rica. It’s … Read More

Opinion: “Education is a tidal wave that spreads far and wide”

My name is Sujeidy De Jesus. I am a first generation Dominican college graduate. I graduated this past May from the University of New Haven. I am the first of … Read More

Opinion: Taking the joy out of gymnastics

CHICAGO -- NBC will be happy to know that its "social Olympics" strategy worked on me -- all the chatter on my social media networks led me to actually download … Read More

Latinos are stepping and strolling – and breaking barriers

Jessica Saul, 33, has been "stepping" ever since she was a freshman at Herbert H. Lehman High School in the Bronx, NY -- and she says she doesn’t see herself … Read More

Telemundo Latin America News Roundup- August 6, 2012

The latest news from Latin America in 59 seconds. Tropical storm Ernesto is expected to touch the coast of Honduras tonight, according the National Hurricane … Read More

Governor Susana Martinez to speak at Republican National Convention

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, the nation's first female Latina governor, will be one of the featured speakers at the Republican National Convention at … Read More

The growing list of Latin American Olympic Medalists

Latin American teams competing in the 2012 London Olympics are proving that they are among the elite athletes in a number of events. Some countries, like … Read More