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Latina moms ditch the phone, reach out to blogs for parenting know-how

Latina moms aren’t just calling abuela for advice: it turns out that they are going online and checking out parenting blogs to get advice on everything from the … Read More

Opinion: Why don’t we profile white nationalists?

Perhaps we need an internment camp for white folks.  Not all white folks.  I know a lot of white people. Some of my best friends are white, and they are … Read More

Opinion: My Olympic “dilemma” – should I cheer for the U.S. or Mexico?

Watching and staying up to date with the Olympics should be an Olympic event in itself. After all, it takes skill to keep up with every sport, and to stay up … Read More

Latino astrophysicist receives prestigious prize

He’s a brilliant professor, but in science that can hardly make one rich or famous. But Juan Maldacena can now consider himself both.  The Argentinian-American … Read More

A healthy idea: Veggie quesadillas

Quesadillas have morphed from a humble corn tortilla folded over savory fillings with cheese to a dish of gargantuan proportions popular at Mexican restaurants … Read More

Urgent social media efforts by Latino organizations aim to get Hispanic youth registered to vote

Latino organizations are revving up for the 2012 election by using the language of young Hispanics to speak to them and get them to register to vote -- social … Read More

Chavela Vargas, “rancheras” icon, dead at 93

You might know her from her songs, or from her rendering of "La Llorona" in the iconic film "Frida."  Chavela Vargas, a bohemian singer of "rancheras," died … Read More

Opinion: English-only bill is pointless, unnecessary and divisive

Last week, Congressman John Conyers Jr. (D- MI) livened up a House Judiciary Committee meeting.  “Well, here we are again on the last day of the session before … Read More

Opinion: Why I joined Teach for America- to give back

As I entered the last year of my undergraduate career, I began to think about the path that led me to the brink of my greatest academic achievement: college … Read More

Six Figures: Anne Alonzo

When Anne Alonzo was growing up in Chicago’s Latino communities of Pilsen, Little Village and Marquette Park, she remembers thinking she would grow up to be … Read More