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NBC Latino congratulates: Jessica Almanza

This summer, Jessica Almanza is working at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for the third summer in a row. For the past two years, she has gone … Read More

Turning the page on domestic violence through a cultural lens

At the Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families, Claudia Pineda  is helping prevent domestic violence.  Pineda is a domestic violence treatment specialist who … Read More

10 things you didn’t know about your favorite Latino Olympians

Lochte. Orozco. Esparza. Leyva. Villa. The Lopez siblings. These amazing Latino Olympians on Team USA and many more have become fan favorites because of their … Read More

Opinion: Children’s gaming skills do not equal computer literacy

CHICAGO -- As America moves toward closing the digital divide by helping equip even the most impoverished schools with laptops, PCs, tablet computers and iPods, … Read More

Opinion: Voter fraud is not a “bogeyman,” and voter ID laws are not racist

The hue and cry from some over the recent slate of Voter ID laws passing in key swing states is telling, especially when it comes to how much these critics … Read More

Immigrants are big business for prison companies

MIAMI (AP) -- The U.S. is locking up more illegal immigrants than ever, generating lucrative profits for the nation's largest prison companies, and an … Read More

Using the Olympics to teach your children about the world

If your family is like mine, you might be spending these two weeks glued to the television every night watching the Olympics on NBC. But during the day, I try … Read More

Latino Olympians attribute their success to family support

A group of Latino athletes - Gymnast John Orozco, Boxer John Diaz Jr, and Taekwondo stars Steven and Diana Lopez, say the love and support of their families is … Read More

Aspiring Latina astronaut is working to improve space cuisine

One of Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre’s first vivid memories was when she was in kindergarten and her dad picked her up to look at the stars. Since then, it has been … Read More

Celebrity Rewind: Javier Bardem reveals new look as ultimate villain in James Bond flick

Javier Bardem is rocking an entirely different look in his role as the ultimate villain in the newest James Bond movie – and we have all the fun, exclusive … Read More