[PHOTOS] A young photographer wants to make us all stars

Ignacio Torres has found a way to merge his two loves, film and photography. This 24-year old makes his photos “move” with a technique called wiggle stereoscopy, which he says works similar to the way our vision works.

“It shoots different images at different angles and…you get the effect of illusion of depth without the need of any glasses…Being the perfectionist that I am, one image takes me hours,” explains Torres.

His latest collection of  “moving portraits” called “Stellar” will be featured at the closing reception of the exhibition, “Streamlines,” at Kansas Gallery in New York City on September 8.

He says his dream of becoming a photographer in NY wasn’t so easy. This is his second attempt to try to “make it.”  It was during his return home to El Paso, Texas after his first futile trip to NY, that inspired him to create “Stellar.”

“The idea began with an idea I wrote in my notebook: ‘We are made of stars,’” says Torres about his project which looks like it was splashed by cosmic dust. “I was very inspired by the change in scenery from NY, and then going back to my hometown and the desert that was around me.”

He says the hardest part was creating the imagery, and then he just shot photographs of friends, and sometimes people he didn’t even know, in the West Texas desert. The star effect was created with flour, confetti and glitter thrown at them. As a final touch, Torres added a pinch of animation.

Overall, he says the entire project took him about six months to complete.

Torres says what he most loves about photography is that he can translate ideas or messages that he couldn’t otherwise through words, and people are able to connect with the imagery that he creates as well.

“With ‘Stellar,’ I wanted to emphasize the similarities we share as a whole,” says Torres. “That’s why I don’t show the faces to keep it more neutral. To allow people to connect.”

[PHOTOS] A young photographer wants to make us all stars  ignaciotorres3 people NBC Latino News

Ignacio Torres (Photo/Melanie Little)

He says his first inspiration was film – particularly the films of Tim Burton for his darker style and gothic characters, and Alejandro Jodorowsky, whose films are mostly surreal and take place in the desert.

“I went to college thinking I was going to do film, but I had an awakening where I realized I wanted to do photography,” says Torres who had always enjoyed poring over images in fashion magazines. “At that time, I was doing a lot of photo shoots of my friends and realized I’m already doing it, why not make a living out of it, because I love it.”

That love has also translated into success.  He has already photographed Nine West’s 2012 Spring Collection – his first big freelance job and has had a recent gig with EMI Music.

He says he hasn’t cut out the idea of pursuing film completely, however.

“My animation is like a middle ground between photo and video,” says the young burgeoning star. “I’d like to explore that realm a little more…”

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