AZ Latinos react to SB1070 being upheld

A U.S. District Court judge has denied a request for an injunction against part Arizona’s controversial new immigration law.

Many fear the court ruling will lead to racial profiling.

The so-called “show me your papers clause” can now be enforced.

“Obviously, this is a blow to the Hispanic Community. The decision that was handed down just means that this is just another opportunity for civil rights to be violated,” says civil rights activist Lydia Guzman. “People that look like me are going to be asked to produce proof that I’m here legally, and that’s my concern.”

The 12-page ruling does grant an injunction against a statute making it illegal to harbor or knowingly transport an illegal immigrant, but it’s subsection 2(B) That’s getting all the attention.

“The big question is whether the law authorizes the police to detain people longer than they would for the thing that they arrested them for because of their immigration status,” says Arizona State University law professor Paul Bender.

If proven that civil rights are being violated, the judge left an out to reverse her ruling.

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