ALMA awards co-hosts Eva Longoria and George Lopez revealed new exciting details about the event honoring Latinos in entertainment. (Photos/Getty Images)

Eva Longoria and George Lopez talk ALMA details; reveal Lupe Ontiveros and Olympians to be honored

With all the excitement surrounding this year’s ALMA awards, co-hosts Eva Longoria and George Lopez revealed extra reasons to tune into annual awards ceremony.

“This year, we’ll be honoring Olympic medalists, which is just great,” revealed Longoria on a press conference on Monday. “We’re also going to be featuring Christina Aguilera. She’s relevant now because not only is her show huge, but because of what she’s doing philanthropically.”

The ALMA awards will also honor the deceased Lupe Ontiveros, whom Lopez says he particularly misses. “She was a tremendous pioneer and these awards will be special because we get to honor her, show her work and show her family and fans how much we loved her.”

Longoria, who serves as executive producer of the ALMA awards, says that the event comes at a particularly busy time for her.

“It’s been crazy because I’ve been campaigning for president,” said Longoria, who is also supervising production of “Devious Maids” as executive producer. “But you make it work – it’s a really important show.”

New details regarding the show’s line up were also released during Monday’s press conference: rapper Flo Rida will participate in a musical act featuring actress Roslyn Sanchez – an act that Longoria says exemplifies the event’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

“We’ve done collaborations regarding music every year, since the very beginning,” emphasized Longoria. “It’s an important part of the awards.”

Meanwhile, Lopez promised that his comedy will be as biting as ever, revealing that he’s looking forward to poking fun at this year’s Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

“We want to have fun in a room where we can talk about things that are relevant to us,” said Lopez. “I loved how the RNC and the DNC politicians added a little Spanish to their English. I’ve been doing that for the past 20 years!”

The star-studded award ceremony – which will host Wilmer Valderrama, America Ferrera, Michael Peña and Nicole Ritchie as presenters – aims to celebrate Latino achievement in television, film and music.

“The media defines a lot of things, whether it’s politics, political candidates, ethnicities or communities,” said Longoria. “So at a time when some of those communities are under attack, it’s the responsibility of NCLR and the community to portray positive images and put our best foot forward.”

“That’s what the ALMAs represent – all the great contributions of our people.”

The ALMA awards will air Friday, September 21, 2012 at 8/7C on NBC.

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