How to make: Traditional Mexican favorites

NBC Latino’s countdown to Mexican Independence Day continues with a very special roundup of seven traditional Mexican recipes that are perfect for celebrating the courageous revolt by Father Miguel Hidalgo and his army of Mestizos and Criollos against the governing Spaniards (read all about this momentous holiday here). After all, what’s more patriotic than celebrating Mexico’s history than with some of the dishes – like chiles en nogada with its national colors of red, white and green or street-style guisado de cazuela de chicharrón – that are central to its cuisine?

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Chiles en nogada is considered one of Mexico’s national dishes. (Photo/Courtesy Melissa Guerra)

Chiles en Nogada

Arguably the country’s national dish, chiles in nogada – poblano chiles stuffed with an aromatic blend of apples, raisins, pork, beef, tomato and pineapple smothered in a walnut cream sauce studded with crimson pomegranate seeds – is an impressive recipe that is served on only the most special of occasions.

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Oaxacan style black bean soup. (Photo/Courtesy Iliana de la Vega)

Oaxacan Style Black Bean Soup

Chef Iliana de la Vega black bean soup is made special with the use of oaxacan pasilla chiles, panela cheese, crema Mexicana and creamy avocado – all ingredients central to Mexico’s cuisine.

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Chef Hugo Ortega’s new cookbook is a compilation of mouth-watering recipes sold by vendors on the bustling streets of Mexico City. Seen here: a beautiful guisado de cazuela de chicharrón. (Photo/Courtesy Penny de los Santos)

Guisado de cazuela de chicharrón

Crunchy yet soft, and rich to the taste, this stew of softened pork cracklings nestled in a savory tomatillo sauce is a recipe straight from the pages of Chef Hugo Ortega’s newest book, “Street Foods of Mexico.” True to the book’s title, this dish will immediately transport you to the chef’s native Mexico City, where humble, hearty meals like this are a core part of the country’s street food culture.

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Crema poblano – creamy poblano soup – is soul-warming with its savory use of poblano peppers, chicken broth and sweet corn. (Photo/Courtesy Jack Foley)

Creamy poblano soup

Humble poblano soup is elevated in Chef Patricia Jinich’s personal recipe with the addition of sweet corn kernels, robust chicken broth and luscious cream.

How to make: Traditional Mexican favorites chorizo betty cortina 2 food NBC Latino News

Our recipe for chorizo is a cinch to make. (Photo/Betty Cortina)

Tacos de chorizo

Ground pork, made spicy with the addition of a bouquet of spices – think oregano, cinnamon, fragrant pepper and clove – forms the basis for chorizo, which you’ll find is easy to make and absolutely delicious wrapped within a corn tortilla and sprinkled with lime.

How to make: Traditional Mexican favorites churros edited1 food NBC Latino News

Delicious, crispy churros. (Photo/Courtesy Aran Goyoaga)


Crispy churros, rolled in cinnamon sugar are the quintessential Mexican sweet, and when paired with thick chocolate bisque for dipping, are entirely irresistible.

How to make: Traditional Mexican favorites dulce de leche horizontal edited food NBC Latino News

Dulce de leche is an indulgent treat. (Photo/Nina Terrero)

Dulce de leche

Dulce de leche – a sticky milk-based caramel – instantly makes anything taste better, and our recipe for the creamy sweet is absolutely fool-proof.

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