Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney poses for a photo with workers as he makes an unscheduled stop at a Chipotle restaurant in Denver, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

[PHOTOS] Mitt Romney’s Chipotle lunch pit stop ahead of big first debate with Obama

Mitt Romney needed to refuel after debate preparation ahead of his huge debate against President Obama on Wednesday and he knew just the place to go — Chipotle, for some hearty Mexican food.

Stopping in at Chipotle with debate partner Rob Portman, the Ohio Senator who is standing in for Obama, Romney opined on which menu item he was going to get for lunch.

“I usually get the burrito,” Romney said. “I think I’ll go for the bowl today. That’s a good idea.”

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Romney ordered his with pork, rice, black beans and pico de gallo, as well as guacamole (which costs extra). Portman ordered a burrito bowl with pork, brown rice, salsa, hot sauce
and guacamole.

The first debate is viewed by many as possibly the best and last chance for Romney to shake up the poll numbers that have been increasingly delivering bad news for his campaign. A Latino Decisions tracking poll released on Tuesday showed Obama to be enjoying his highest support among Latino voters, at 73 percent with Romney down five points in the last six weeks at 21 percent support.

Romney took his lunch to go — but not before taking photos with some Latino employees at Chipotle.

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