Actress and Obama re-election campaign co-chair Eva Longoria will spoke at the Democratic National Convention. (Photo/Sandra Lilley)

Eva Longoria retweets VP debate prison joke seen as in bad taste

The tweets were flying during last night’s Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and congressman Paul Ryan, with 3.5 million tweets, according to Twitter. 

One tweet by Nancy Lee Grahn, an actress on General Hospital, took a shot at Paul Ryan and was retweeted by Obama campaign backer Eva Longoria. “Biden is making Paul Ryan his prison bi–h!” was retweeted 457 times, no doubt  buoyed by the exposure to Longoria’s 4.5 million followers., a site founded by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, expressed outrage about Longoria’s perceived co-signing of a “prison rape joke” to categorize the debate.

To make matters worse in the eyes of many, Longoria undoing the retweet so it no longer showed up on her Twitter timeline, seemed to be an attempt to hide her original action.

“Your social media accounts are now considered an extension of yourself, so you need to be mindful of what you say and share,” says Carlos Macias,  social media manager at d expósito & Partners, a multicultural communications agency.

Macias says  the golden rule is to think before you tweet, and not to tweet first and then think about what you just said or endorsed. “To make matters worst, deleting a controversial tweet, like Eva Longoria this time, is more harmful than retracting or apologizing for your mistake,” Macias says.

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