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Spotlight Arizona: Carmona loses, Arpaio wins

While Democrats are celebrating Obama‘s win, many will be upset that their great hope to steal a Senate seat in Arizona, Richard Carmona lost, while a pariah among many Latinos, Joe Arpaio, won re-election.


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NBC News confirms Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States. 

Ted Cruz Tweets After His Win

Latino Voters Are Shaping Election Results

Our Sandra Lilley is joined by Dr. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto as they identify the regions and the races that are too close to call and could be defined by the Latino vote. Watch video here.

New Mexico’s Majority Latino Delegation?

From the AP’s Russell Contreras:

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Latinos Helped Put Elizabeth Warren Over the Top Says Latino Decisions Political Scientist

– 10:05 pm EST

From Matt Barreto, a great nugget on the much-contested Massachusetts Senate Race:

“Latinos are an estimated 6 to 7 percent of all voters in Massachusetts and the impreMedia-Latino Decisions data shows Latinos overwhelmingly supported Elizabeth Warren by a record margin, 86 percent to 14 percent for Brown and the Latino vote is what decisively put Warren over the top.”

NBC News Reports: Ted Cruz projected winner in Texas Senate Race

9:30 pm EST

NBC News reports GOP star Ted Cruz is the projected winner in the race for Senate against former State Rep. Paul Sadler (D), making history as the very first Latino to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate. Nina Terrero has the story.

Still Waiting for Results to Come in? Check Out Pics of Latino Celebs Voting

– 8:00 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog america ferrera1 politics NBC Latino News

First time voters like Demi Lovato expressed excitement over voting for the first time, while other celebs like Eva Longoria and Pitbull – long time supporters of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign –  tweeted messages of encouragement, asking fans to help make history with the power of the vote. Full story from Nina Terrero

Latino Sentiment Ahead of Voting

– 7:13 pm EST by Sandra Lilley

Latino voters across the country – and especially in battleground states – are supporting Democratic policy positions by wide margins, which could be a hint of strong numbers for President Obama and Democratic senatorial candidates around the country, according to the latest impreMedia/Latino Decisions poll examining Latino sentiment on the eve of the election.

“We are seeing lots of evidence that Latinos voters seem to be more in agreement with the Obama Biden agenda, and though we’ll have to wait until the polls close, we can see clear patterns,” says Matt Barreto.

In the battleground state of Colorado, for example, 72 percent of Latinos say Obamacare should be left in place, compared to 12 percent that say it should be repealed. And when it comes to curbing the deficit, only 11 percent of Latinos thought cutting spending without increasing taxes is the best way forward. In Massachusetts, 69 percent of Latino voters say Obamacare should remain in place, and only 8 percent of Latinos support spending cuts without tax increases.

Official results to come

Obama Supporters in Southern Nevada

– 6:30 pm EST

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores sends along this photo of her with Rep. Shelley Berkley speaking to volunteers in Southern Nevada.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog assemblywoman lucy flores politics NBC Latino News

Courtesy Jocelyn Torres

Elizabeth Warren: Buoyed by Women — and Latinos?

– 5:25 pm EST By Sandra Lilley

Could Latinos tip the white-knuckled race in Massachusetts between Democrat Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator Scott Brown?  Latinos are about 6 percent of all eligible voters, but if they vote overwhelmingly Democratic, it’s won’t just be women who would propel Warren to victory. A Democratic legislator in Massachusetts thinks it could happen.

“People are very excited to be voting here, the lines are incredibly long, and I’m hearing record turnout,” says Jeffrey Sanchez. “I think Warren’s message resonated – she supports the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration reform,” says Sanchez.  “And in terms of the Obama campaign, it should be a case study in how you do have to spend money in this market to do Latino outreach, and they did,” he said.

Latino Voters in New York City Weigh in, With Just Hours to go

– 4:45 pm EST

With just a handful of hours until polls close on Election Day, NBC Latino’s Nina Terrero asked Latino voters in New York City to weigh in on the issues that matter most to them. Watch the video

First Time Voters on What Mattered to Them

– 4:10 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog jose sanchez politics NBC Latino News

Jose Sanchez was really happy to be a first time voter. (Courtesy Jose Sanchez)

Did you vote today? A new youth voting poll says that 56.6 percent of Latino youth intend to vote this election. Here’s what a few first-time voters had to say about what this election means to them.

Read the full story by Kristina Puga.

Young Latinas Share Their Voting Photos, Stories

– 3:45 pm EST

Voto Latino passes along three Latinas who came out to vote today.

Ana, below, is from Las Vegas and is pictured with her sisters and her mom.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog ana las vegas e1352234128813 politics NBC Latino News

Ana from Las Vegas with her sisters and her mom.

On left, Janet:  “Today was such an important day, for some it was just another election. For me it was my first time I had my voice heard. I became a citizen last year and this was the first election I was able to vote in. My parents aren’t citizens and in part I was doing it for them also, for those who can’t vote. I hope in doing my part I can help make an impact in the Latino community.”

On right, Jessica: “My name is Jessica. I was 17 when the last election happened. This year is the first time I’m eligible to vote. Im proud of my Peruvian heritage, but Im proud to be American.”

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog voto latino voters politics NBC Latino News

Wait. Latinos Aren’t All the Same? Breakdown Depending on Geography/National Origin

– 3:30 pm EST

Some interesting differences among the nation’s Latinos when it comes to voting issue priorities, according to the latest impreMedia/Latino Decisions poll, as reported by impreMedia and La Opinion from our Sandra Lilley.

-Jobs and the economy are the top concern for Latino voters in Florida and Texas (both at 57 percent), New Mexico (55 percent), and Nevada and Ohio (both 54 percent). There were fewer Latinos in North Carolina (46 percent), Arizona (47 percent and California (48 percent) who thought jobs and the economy were their top voter concern.

-Among national origin, there were differences too. The economy is a top issue for 74 percent of Cuban-American voters, but is 50 percent among Mexican-American and Dominican-Americans.

Read the full story from Sandra Lilley.

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio.

3:00 pm EST

Breathless punditry is finally taking a backseat to actual votes but everyone agrees that Ohio will be crucially important in the election results today. Pew Hispanic tweets another great look at the Latino makeup in a significant state.

NBC News: Polling Problems Across US

– 2:30 pm EST

From NBC News’ Pete Williams:

As of noon, we’ve seen no major efforts to prevent voting, though several other problems have cropped up. We’ve seen a multitude reports of problems getting organized in New York and New Jersey — long lines, not enough machines, and wrong poll books. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says it’s going to seek a court order that would allow displaced residents to simply write their votes on a blank piece of paper and submit them as absentee ballots. The problem, the ACLU says, is that so many requests are pouring in for e-mail and fax ballots that the state is very slow to respond to the demand. The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law says many voters find that the computers simply crash when they try to e-mail their ballots back.

Abuela Voting the Day After Surgery on Both Feet

– 2:20 pm EST

A reminder how much voting means to many. Voto Latino sends over a photo of one of their staffers Karina Briseño, walking her grandma to the polls one day after getting surgery on both of her feet in Los Angeles.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog karina abuelita crop politics NBC Latino News

Courtesy Voto Latino

U.S. Cycling Champion “Fast Freddy” Rodriguez & First Time Latino Voters

– 1:55 pm EST

Some great photos from Elisa Batista of Moms Rising in Oakland and  Cuéntame who sent us a picture from a Latina mom of her son voting for the first time in Lawndale, California.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog fastfreddyrodriquez politics NBC Latino News

U.S. cycling champion “Fast Freddy” Rodriguez drops off his son Max at preschool before heading to the polls. (Courtesy Moms Rising)

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog veronicamomsrisingapp politics NBC Latino News

Veronica Grande, a teacher and native of El Salvador who will vote for the first time in a U.S. election, holds up the MomsRising application that helped her find her polling location. (Courtesy Moms Rising)

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog alexandraalquati politics NBC Latino News

Alexandra Alquati, a teacher at the Escuela Bilingüe Internacional school in Oakland, California, shows off her “I Voted” sticker. (Courtesy Moms Rising)

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog first time latino voter politics NBC Latino News

Kathy sends in a picture of her son who she says is 19 and Latino and a first time voter who was up at 7 a.m. to do so. (Courtesy Kathy Silva Galeano)

3 Things to Look for in Today’s Latino Vote

– 1:25 pm EST

NBC Latino contributor, Northern Arizona University professor and political scientist Stephen Nuño with important things to watch as the Latino vote pours in:

  1. Cuban Republicans have dominated Latino politics in Florida for decades, but that is rapidly changing as younger Cubans drift away to the Democrats and as the Latino population diversifies with the growth of the Puerto Rican community further up north. If the Latino vote for the GOP shrinks, it will be because of poor outreach by the GOP as the population is changing.
  2. Can Latinos topple Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Latinos shocked the pollsters in 2010 with their concerted efforts against Sharron Angle in Nevada. The harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric drove Latinos to the polls. After years of anti-immigrant policies and following the SB1070 discussion in Arizona, Latinos may finally have the numbers and resources to make this a close election in Maricopa County. If they can make this close, it will be a new day in Arizona politics as we know it.
  3. If Romney starts picking off battleground states in the East and Midwest, such as Virginia, Florida and Ohio, no state will be as important than Colorado, and no demographic will be as important there as the Latino Vote. Latinos are the President’s last stand, if you will, in a tight election.

Updates: On Latino Issues, Jobs and Immigration

– 1:15 pm EST

Sandra Lilley is joined by NBC Latino contributor Raul A. Reyes to talk about the issues that matter to Latinos.

VIDEO: Latino voters rank jobs and economy as top issues when voting

VIDEO: Immigration a top topic for Latinos when deciding their vote

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog reyes and sandra politics NBC Latino News

Latino Romney advisor: “Governor Romney inherited a damaged brand with Latinos.”

– 12:45 pm EST

“I think we’ve made enough progress among Latinos that we might win swing states,” but Governor Romney inherited a damaged brand with the Hispanic community,” Cardenas says.  He acknowledged immigration was a contentious  issue  for Republicans in this election. “For Latinos, immigration is a respect issue; you need to check that box properly, and immigration was a garbled message,” Cardenas says, adding “our party needs to be proactive on this.”

Read the full story by Sandra Lilley.

Marc Anthony Miffed by Ad That Implies Romney Support

– 12:20 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog marc anthony romney1 politics NBC Latino News

From our Nina Terrero:

Marc Anthony has been outspoken in his endorsement of President Barack Obama for re-election, participating in rallies and fundraisers, and even lending his legendary voice to public service announcements in support of the Democratic candidate. But a recent video featuring Anthony endorsing Puerto Rican incumbent governor Luis Fortuño seems to place the 44-year-old salsa star in an awkward position, as Fortuño, a New Progressive Party (PNP) candidate, is an eager supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Read More

For What It’s Worth: Mexico would vote Obama

– 11:50 am EST

A poll from Mexican newspaper Excelsior says Obama would run away with the election if Mexicans were voting. Readers gave him 58 percent of the vote and 16 percent to Romney. But some of the shine is off Obama, even in Mexico. In the same poll in 2008, Obama won 63 percent of the vote.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog obama mexico politics NBC Latino News

From Mexican newspaper, Excelsior

An Absentee Ballot in One Hand — and a Catheter Bag in the Other?

– 11:34 am EST

The Miami Herald with some color:

“Mabel Rodriguez, 44, arrived at Miami-Dade’s election headquarters in Doral Tuesday morning. She held two things: an absentee ballot and a catheter bag. “I literally just got out of the hospital,” she said. Recent kidney surgery didn’t stop Rodriguez from casting her ballot. She first headed to her precinct this morning, but was told absentee ballots had to be dropped off at headquarters (or at Miami-Dade’s Government Center downtown). So Rodriguez made the drive to Doral, where a poll worker cut her a break and let her drop off her ballot without waiting.”

Latino Organizations Vigilant, Looking to Help Voters

– 11:25 am EST

With news this morning that Hispanic and African American voters are the targets of phony instructions and possible situations at the polls that could mar the vote, Latino organizations have positioned themselves to help. This from Latino Justice’s Jazmin Chavez this morning:

“LatinoJustice PRLDEF, along with NALEO will be running the Ya Es Hora Ve y Vota hotline to assist and protect Latino voters. We are expecting an unprecedented voter then outs and problems due to a change in Voter ID requirements, change in polling locations and hurricane Sandy. We ask all voters to be patient, know your rights and stay in line. They can report any problems to 888-VE-Y-VOTA or ourvotelive.org. Additionally we have lawyers on the ground in Ohio and Florida monitoring elections. People can tweet us as we’ll to report problems @latinojustice.”

Houston Latinos Get Out to Vote

– 11:05 am EST

The director of the Houston chapter of Latinos in Social Media, Juan Alanis, sends along this Instagram collage of what it looked like at his polling place this morning.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog houston voting politics NBC Latino News

Courtesy Juan Alanis

For Latinos, its the Economy.

– 10:55 am EST

Latino Decisions is out with an election day poll of what Latino voters have on their minds as they cast their votes:

According to political scientist Sylvia Manzano, a new impreMedia/Latino Decisions poll released this morning found 53 percent of Latino registered voters rank jobs and the economy as their main concern, and immigration issues ranked second at 35 percent.  In the states of Arizona and North Carolina, however,  immigration was ranked first, with the economy a close second. Read the full story by Sandra Lilley.

Julian Castro, Ted Cruz Active on Twitter this Morning

– 10:30 am EST

Julian Castro continues to push his pre-K for San Antonio plan, responding to supporters on Twitter. Ted Cruz has been tweeting to supporters who said they voted for him and Romney/Ryan all morning.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog julian castro twitter politics NBC Latino NewsNBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog ted cruz tweet politics NBC Latino News

Miami Residents Pile in to Vote

– 10:10 am EST

Courtesy of the National Council of La Raza, Miami residents wait to cast their ballots at Causa Elementary in West Kendall. The Latino vote in Florida will very likely be the most contested in any state, or swing state, across the nation and may decide who ultimately wins the state overall.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog miami voters election day crop politics NBC Latino News

Courtesy Natalie Carlier

The Latino Vote Wild Card: First Timers

– 9:55 am EST

According to numbers from the Colorado Secretary of State this morning, nearly 1.9 million Colorado voters have already cast their votes – that’s more than half of all the state’s registered voters. But the real question for Latinos is whether new young voters come out to vote. NBC News Miguel Almaguer takes a look Latino voters and how pivotal they will be this election.

10 Notable Latinos on Who They’re Backing for President, and Why

– 9:40 am EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog pitbull hand up politics NBC Latino News

Pitbull? Talk show host Cristina? Comedian Paul Rodriguez? These are some famous Latinos and who they support. Read the full story from Kristina Puga.

Joe Arpaio Redux

– 9:30 am EST

Yesterday, we posted Raul Reyes’ Opinion piece on the possibility of kicking out controversial sheriff, Joe Arpaio in Arizona. Many have characterized this race as his toughest for re-election yet. Today, Maria G. Chacon, who went to Arizona State University, shared this photo with Latino Rebels of her voting for Paul Penzone. “Adios, Arpaio,” she writes.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog joe arpaio paul penzone voting politics NBC Latino News

Courtesy Maria G. Chacon/Latino Rebels

Poll Challenges, Phony Instructions Could Mar Vote — Hispanics, Blacks Mostly Targeted

– 9:05 am EST

AP is up with a story this morning that would worry many and could make this a long night:

“The last-minute telephone tactics are only the latest in months of legal and political battles over more restrictive voter ID and other laws, mostly fruitless hunts for supposedly ineligible people on voting rolls in many states and sustained claims that African-American and Hispanic voters are being targeted for intimidation and suppression.” Read More

New York/New Jersey Vote after Sandy

– 8:45 am EST

Chris Christie is letting New Jersey voters vote via email or fax because of last week’s super storm. Yesterday, New York’s Governor Cuomo signed an executive order allowing New Yorkers to vote via affidavit at any polling station. Today there were long lines from Harlem to Flatbush, Brooklyn where the editor for Cosmo for Latinas, Michelle Herrera Mulligan snapped this photo.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog voting in flatbush brooklyn crop politics NBC Latino News

Courtesy Michelle Herrera Mulligan

Election Day Is Here: Previewing the Nation’s Latino Vote

– 7:19 am EST

Here’s the first of our video updates today where Sandra Lilley will be joined by our contributors, Raul Reyes, Stephen Nuño, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto and more to talk about the Latino vote. Here is our first clip on early voting where Sandra says 16 percent of Latinos have already voted early.

Election Rallies Up Until the Last Day

– 11/5/12 10:04 pm EST

While Latinos may go for Obama in record numbers Tuesday, in places like Florida, it’s easy to find Hispanic supporters for Romney.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog obama and romney instagram politics NBC Latino News

George Lopez jumps in with two Obama supporters, while in Florida, Latinos who support Romney are a much more common sight. (Courtesy Instagram users lagunas33, manuelgcmx)

Opinion: Time to Kick out Joe Arpaio

– 11/5/12 9:20 pm EST

Raul Reyes pulls no punches when it comes to controversial sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

For too long, Arpaio has disrespected the rule of law and the rights of Latinos. His policy failures, corruption, and publicity stunts are a disgrace. If he wins re-election, Arpaio must re-think his law enforcement focus. And if he is turned out of office, he will have no one to blame but himself. Read More

North Carolina’s Increasingly Latino Landscape

– 11/5/12 6:05 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog pew hispanic north carolina e1352155136476 politics NBC Latino News

via the Pew Hispanic Center on Twitter.

Colorado Voters Worry Machines Changed Their Votes

– 11/5/12 5:05 pm EST

Imagine casting your ballot for Mitt Romney, but the voting machine changed it to a vote for Barack Obama. At least a dozen people in Pueblo, Colorado have reported problems using voting machines. Watch the Video

Marco Rubio in Anti-Gay Robocalls

– 11/5/12 4:55 pm EST

The National Organization for Marriage has begun a round of calls in several key swing states – like Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania – and states like Maine, Maryland and Washington, which on Tuesday, will vote on whether to uphold the gay marriage ban. Sen. Rubio is featured in the calls, alongside Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR). Read More

A Stolen Lawn Sign and Going Viral on Facebook

– 11/5/12 4:40 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog obama sign laurita e1352152844528 politics NBC Latino News

Blogger and Spina Bifida activist Laura Tellado Calderon posts this photo after her Obama sign was unceremoniously taken from her lawn outside her home in Doctor Philips, near Orlando. She says it is mostly Romney/Ryan signs in her predominantly white neighborhood. Her family’s response got plenty of attention on Facebook, as it was shared 1,100 times since being posted on Sunday.

Opinion: Don’t be a Fool. Vote.

– 11/5/12 3:11 pm EST

Our Stephen A. Nuño takes those to task who say not voting  is a good idea.

“Some argue that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney deserve your vote on Tuesday. But you are a fool if you consciously decide not to vote for president on Tuesday. You are a fool because this is your country and this is a democracy, and to abstain from making a choice for president is cowardly. If you feel you have been disrespected, then you know nothing about politics and you are just being a whiny baby. Grow up.” Read More

Lines and Headaches in Miami Dade, Florida

– 11/5/12 3:05 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog miami dade two pics politics NBC Latino News

(Courtesy Camila Gallardo, National Council La Raza)

Hundreds of Floridians line up at the Miami Dade County Elections Department, where they are waiting in a four hour line to obtain or cast absentee ballots. Due to the controversial decision to cut early voting days in Florida, potential voters must turn in all absentee ballots by tomorrow. Our Alessandra Hickson looks at the early voting chaos in Florida.

10 Latinos in head to head congressional races

– 11/5/12 2:30 pm EST

Latino candidates are running for U.S. House of Representative seats in 12 countries across the nation – think California, Idaho, Minnesota and Washington – and in the U.S. Senate, Latinos are in a key position to bolster a Republican leadership or support a Democratic leadership. Read the full story by Nina Terrero.

Pitbull and Obama

– 11/5/12 1:55 pm EST

The Cuban-American superstar takes a moment to collect himself before his rally for President Obama.

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog pitbull for obama politics NBC Latino News

Pitbull: Calm before the rally…#americans #education #cuban #honor

Final Latino Decisions Tracking Poll: Obama 73, Romney 24 among Latino voters

– 11/5/12 12:10 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog latinos for obama politics NBC Latino News

Among likely Latino voters, those with consistent vote history or have already voted, 73 percent say they plan to vote for Obama compared to 24 percent for Romney and 3 percent undecided.  If Obama wins 73 percent or higher of the Latino vote, it would eclipse the 72 percent won by Bill Clinton in his landslide re-election in 1996, and mark the highest total ever for a Democratic presidential candidate. Read More

Latino impact on Senate races shows Hispanics’ increasing clout

– 11/5/12 9:20 am EST

The focus is clearly on the presidential election on Tuesday, but Latino candidates and Hispanic voters may make their presence felt in important Senate races as well. Read the story by Sandra Lilley.

Last Minute Voting Efforts Continue in Nevada, Florida

– 11/5/12 9:05 am EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog nevada and florida politics NBC Latino News

DNC Hispanics were knocking on doors in Nevada on left on Sunday. Juntos con Romney was at the Conga Caliente festival in Tampa in Florida on Sunday (Courtesy Jessica Sofia Valle, Jonathan Torres)

Puerto Ricans Are Key in Florida Presidential Vote

– 11/5/12 8:30 am EST

Their chief concerns center on Florida’s struggling economy, leaders of both parties say. And Florida’s high unemployment and foreclosure rates have hit Puerto Ricans hard. That’s a dilemma for Obama. He’s counting on big Puerto Rican support to help offset Cuban-American precincts, mainly in Miami, where Republican Mitt Romney expects to do well. Some analysts say he may fall short. Read More

Early Voting in Las Vegas

– 11/4/12 5:25 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog latino vote las vegas politics NBC Latino News

Line at Cardenas Early Vote site in East Las Vegas, Saturday November 3. (Courtesy Instagram/Buffywicks)

Shakira tells Latinos to get out and vote 

– 11/4/12 3:40 pm EST

NBC Latino Election Central: Live Social Blog shakira latinos tweet politics NBC Latino News

The role of celebrities in drumming up enthusiasm has come into sharp focus in the last days of the campaign as Marc Anthony, Eva Longoria, Pitbull and others have come out to show their support. Read More

Both Campaigns in Mad Dash to Get Latino Vote

– 11/4/12 3:15 pm EST

The Obama and Romney campaigns are squeezing every last hour until Tuesday campaigning for votes, mainly in battleground states.  In conversations today with NBC Latino, campaign leaders in both parties are staying excited and optimistic about their candidate’s prospects for a victory on Tuesday. Read More

Welcome to NBC Latino’s Live Social Blog

– 11/4/12 3: 00 pm EST

Share your photos of the Latino vote in action across the country with nbclatinophotos@nbcuni.com, on Twitter by tagging @NBCLatino or using the #NBCLatinoVote hashtag and on Instagram with @NBCLatino or #NBCLatinoVote as well.

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