An election official answers a question for a voter on November 6, 2012. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Latinos are not all the same – breakdown of top issues by location, age and origin

Some interesting differences among the nation’s Latinos when it comes to voting issue priorities, according to a new impreMedia/Latino Decisions poll of over 5,000 Latino voters polled between November 1 and November 5.

-Jobs and the economy are the top concern for Latino voters in Florida and Texas (both at 57 percent), New Mexico (55 percent), and Nevada and Ohio (both 54 percent).  There were fewer Latinos in North Carolina (46 percent), Arizona (47 percent and California (48 percent) who thought jobs and the economy were their top voter concern.

-Among national origin, there were differences too.  The economy is a top issue for 74 percent of Cuban-American voters, but is 50 percent among Mexican-American  and Dominican-Americans.

-There are also variations according to the national origin of respondents. For example, the economy is crucial for 74 percent of voters of Cuban descent, 55 percent of Puerto Ricans, 51 percent for Central Americans, and 50 percent  for Mexicans and Dominicans.

Immigration issues are a major concern for 46 percent of Central Americans, 41 percent of South Americans, 37 percent of Dominicans, 36 percent of Mexicans – followed by 31 percent of Cubans and 24 percent of Puerto Ricans (who are U.S. citizens by birth).

-What about voter issue differences among age groups? The poll found immigration and the DREAM Act is very important for 40 percent of Latino voters aged 18 to 30 , but it’s a top issue to only 29 percent of those over 66 years of age. Employment is very important to 58 percent of Latino voters between the ages of  31 and 44, followed by 57 percent for those between 44 and 65 years, 52 percent for those older than 66, and 42 percent for those between 18 and 30.

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