Finding the right dress for your quince fiesta just got a bit easier thanks to style advice from Seventeen magazine Yesenia Almonte. (Photo courtesy Chris Eckert/Studio D for Seventeen)

Find the right dress for your quinceañera with figure-friendly how to’s

The quinceañera is a very special birthday, as it celebrates a girl’s coming of age once she reaches 15 years old. Throughout Latin America and parts of the Caribbean, the fiesta de quince is a celebration that can often be elaborate – think a white dress, a formal church ceremony and court of attendants – or as budget and tradition allows, can be a simple family fiesta. Even so, the quinceañera (which has its roots in the European tradition of “coming out” parties during which a young lady would make her formal debut into society) is a custom maintained by many U.S. Latinos today.

And just like prom or homecoming, the quince fiesta requires a very special dress. Stepping in to help guide girls in finding the perfect dress is Seventeen, which features an exclusive “Mis Quince” section in its November issue.

“More than ever, the quinceañera really represents a coming together of tradition and personal style,” says Seventeen magazine beauty director Yesenia Almonte, who lent her Latina sense of style to the  special section. “Latina girls across ethnicities – think Mexican, Colombian and Dominican – are into the idea of an event that commemorates their entry into womanhood, while keeping it contemporary and fun.”

And it goes without saying that girls want to look stylish during the party! Whether you’re planning your very own quince fiesta or shopping for a special dress (the holidays are coming up!), here are Almonte’s tips for dressing for your body type and celebrating your figure.

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