This photo made the rounds on Tumblr on Monday showing an offensive Penn State sorority Mexican-themed party. (Tumblr)

Penn State sorority apologizes for having offensive Mexican-themed party

A sorority having a Mexican-themed party seems harmless.  But a Penn State sorority party photo surfaced Monday showing a group of girls wearing sombreros, ponchos and fake moustaches and holding signs saying “will mow lawn for weed” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it,” reports the Onward State.

The school’s newspaper the Daily Collegian reports the offensive photo reached the Penn State Penhellenic Council to investigate the Nu Gamma Chapter of Chi Omega who in turn issued an apology.  “Our chapter of Chi Omega sincerely apologizes for portraying inappropriate and untrue stereotypes,” said the chapter’s head Jessica Riccardi.

The identity of the girls from the Chi Omega sorority were discovered because they were tagged on Facebook.  The students have not been disciplined yet since the case is still under investigation, reports Gawker.

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Onward State reports Susan LeGalley, Penn State’s Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority would not comment on the case adding her office “traditionally doesn’t talk with reporters.”

This is not the first time students have held inappropriate parties. Last week, pictures of Baylor University students also in sombreros, moustaches and displaying “Green Card” signs attempting to scale a border fence surfaced on Facebook and Instagram. “Baylor is an academic community that does not and would not tolerate racism on our campus,” said Lori Fogleman, the director of  Media Communications told Latino Rebels. Though the school confirmed the student who posted the pictures was a Baylor student, they could not say if the pictures were taken on campus. In June, A Southern California high school cancelled senior week “Seniores” and “Senoritas” events after deciding students dressed as gang members, Border Patrol agents and a pregnant female pushing a stroller were offensive.

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