Pancakes – dressed up with the addition of creamy pumpkin and sweet chocolate chips – are a favorite over at Adrianna Adarme’s blog. (Photo/Courtesy Adrianna Adarme)

Food blogs we love: A Cozy Kitchen

Who’s blogging: I’m a food blogger living in Los Angeles, California. I started A Cozy Kitchen a few years ago as I was working as a content producer. I would have slow days at work so I started to read food blogs to pass the time. I soon became totally obsessed and decided to start my own. Like a lot of people, it started out as just a hobby, but I soon became super excited about writing and creating recipes for it. Soon thereafter, I got a cookbook deal with St. Martin’s Press/Macmillian. It’s slated for release in Spring of 2013. I’m very excited about it!

Explain your blog name: I’ve always been obsessed with things being comforting, warm and well, cozy. I think of “A Cozy Kitchen” as a type of kitchen I’d want to cook in: clean, decorated with fun knick-knacks, noisy and smelling like a spiced quick bread or something awesome like that.

Blogging since: 2009

Blogging from: Los Angeles, California

Blogger Adrianna Adarme.

Blogger Adrianna Adarme.

Most popular post: All of the Peruvian foods (like this Peruvian Aguadito)  I’ve made for the blog have been pretty popular. People love-making them! Other popular posts are my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes and this super dainty Summer Squash Lattice Tart.

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: I’ve learned that food is so personal to people. I’ve made certain dishes and it’s actually offended people because in their mind I’ve gone against tradition, gone against what they’re accustomed to. That’s just reaffirmed my belief that food is emotional and can be so incredibly important to us on a very personal level.  Food really does have the ability to transport someone to a different time and place and remind them of something, whatever that may be, in a very visceral way. It’s pretty cool.

Where do you get inspiration for your posts?  Oh lots of places! I go out to eat a lot. Like, a lot. I like eating fancy food, ethnic food and everyday food. I like it all. Sometimes I’ll go out and try something and just use an element of it and make it at home. Other times what I make is reflective of my mood. If I’m in a fun mood, I’ll usually want pancakes in the morning. If I’m in a bad mood, I’ll usually make something sweet.

What have you learned from blogging?  Having a food blog has taught me how kind and generous strangers can be. I get the nicest emails and comments from people all around the world. All we talk about is food and daily life and well, just stuff. We have this common ground: food. The platform of recipe food blogs has given us an ability to interact, talk, connect with each other. I think it’s magical. I’m so not sick of it and am not sure I ever will be.

Where else can we find you online?  You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and my personal favorite, Instagram.

What are your favorite food blogs? I love Cannelle et Vanille.


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