5 Great gifts for young adventurous readers

If you have a young reader on your shopping list for the holidays and are wondering what sort of gifts – other than books – to give, relax! We’ve put together a list of fun products that will engage him and nurture his love of words.

Little Passports


Your kids will love this geographic adventure that allows them to travel the world and learn about other states or countries from the safety and comfort of your own home. The company offers two different kits to choose from – the USA Edition and the World Edition. The subscription-based kits are delivered to your home each month and introduce your child to different states or a new country. The main characters, Sam and Sofia, act as travel guides and your child will delight in reading a letter from one of them each month. Both kits include a wall-sized map, field guides, activities, and post cards, as well as access to more information online.  Best suited for children ages 5 to 12.

Show Me a Story: 40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children’s Storytelling by Emily K. Neuburger

Amazon, $11.50

A must-have book for parents and teachers, this amazing book is full of creative ideas to develop a child’s storytelling skills. From story stones to picture tales to story maps, your children’s imagination will blossom as they enjoy the activities listed in this book. Regardless of their reading level, this book is a great tool for developing reading comprehension, sequence, characters, setting, plot, and so much more. Ages 5 and up.

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Rory’s Story Cubes

Amazon, $5.99-$8.99

This award-winning game features nine cubes, 54 images and 10 million combinations. A simple roll of the dice inspires creative thinking and develops problem-solving skills in both children and adults as they craft their own stories using the images on the dice. The cubes are available in three editions: Original, Actions, and Voyages. All three sets can be played straight out of their box, or mixed with the other sets for more adventurous play. Each set comes illustrated in a specific color, making them easy to separate when you finish. All ages.

Hidden Hints™ Mystery Word Game by Learning Resources

LearningResources.com, $21.99

A reading comprehension and vocabulary building game, Hidden Hints challenges children to figure out the meaning of words based on the surrounding text. Kids enjoy using their word-sleuthing skills to solve the mystery. Learning Resources has cleverly arranged the cards to familiarize students with the multiple-choice standardized test question format.  Includes 43 double-sided question cards, 7 double-sided game play cards, 40 self-checking hint cards, 16 game pieces, briefcase, and Activity Guide with answer key. Ages 7 and up.

Magnetic Poetry

MagneticPoetry.com, $17.95

Magnetic Poetry has created an entire line of child-appropriate magnetic word kits. From First Words to Kids’ Spanish to Kid Genius, these kits reinforce reading and grammar skills by helping to teach everything from basic sight words to synonyms. Your children’s imaginations will soar as they build sentences, poetry, and short stories using the magnetic word tiles. Ages 4 and up.

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