Marc Paskin’s billboard in San Diego makes his Christmas wish clear. (Reddit)

All San Diego man wants for Christmas is a Latina girlfriend

Former reality show actor and current millionaire Marc Paskin has a very special Christmas wish: He wants a Latina girlfriend.

Paskin took out an ad on a billboard in San Diego on Highway 5 on Mission Bay Drive and it was spotted by a Reddit user by the name of Mexicanmilkyway. The billboard has a picture of Paskin and reads, “All I want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.”

Paskin, who has a net worth of $200 million, would be best known for his appearance on the ABC reality TV show “Secret Millionaire.”

At the end of his “Secret Millionaire” episode, Paskin gave $40,000 to John Cook, the founder of Really Living Foundation, which provides free transportation and financial assistance to those who are uninsured or underinsured, according to Hispanically Speaking News. During Paskin’s “undercover” time as a driver, he met 24-year-old mother Courtney, a mother struggling with her young daughter’s illness as well as the failure of her own transplanted kidney. In the end, he gave the mother and her daughter $20,000.

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Sadly, Paskin is a widower after losing his wife of 28 years to diabetes in 2002.

Any Latina who wants to take him up on his offer might be interested in how he wants to be remembered when he’s gone.

“When I die, no one will be at my funeral talking about my cash flow or how many properties I own,” he told UT San Diego during his time on “Secret Millionaire.” “But they will be talking about my heart, and how I used my success to help others in need. Giving back, helping others — to me, that is success, not the size of your bank account.”

A couple of Latinas on the Reddit post said they would be contacting Paskin at the creative “” email he posted.

“Being a Latina in San Diego as well kinda makes the whole thing tempting,” one user wrote. “I can msg him!’ wrote another. “I’m Latina and over the age of 21 and live in San Diego.”

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One Reddit user even gave Paskin advice — from one caucasian male who likes Latinas to another.

“White guy here, married a Latina from Los Angeles,” he wrote.

“They like us but many assume that we don’t like them, so they ignore us. The trick is that you have to be more direct/aggressive with them. Plus they are used to that in their culture. Don’t beat around the bush.”

Paskin may have to use the advice if his billboard doesn’t net the reach out he’s hoping for.

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