After plans for his previous ABC show have been scrapped, John Leguizamo starring in an all-new series for the network. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

John Leguizamo gets new ABC comedy after old pilot gets scrapped

John Leguizamo is preparing to be a small-screen star in households across the country, but it looks like the original ABC show he was set to shoot has been scrapped in favor of a brand new production.

The comedian’s previous project – titled “The Kings of Van Nuys” – has officially been canned, reports Deadline, but a new comedy starring Leguizamo as a husband and father caught in a struggle between his Bronx-bred, Latin roots and his new life in New York City’s monied Upper West Side.

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According to Deadline, Leguizamo will co-write the show, which will be co-produced by former “Family Guy” executive producer Chris Sheridan. And his inspiration for what’s sure to be a belly-busting sitcom? His real-life “professional, personal and family life, in New York City,” reports Deadline.

While the new show will be Leguizamo’s first mainstream audience television project since his 2005-2006 stint on “ER” as Dr. Victor Clemente, the 48-year-old actor has kept busy. His most recent project? A film which documented his “Tales from a Ghetto Klown” comedy tour, that premiered this summer on PBS.

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