George P. Bush says he is running for political office in Texas, and will soon decide which position. (Photo/Getty Images )

George P. Bush will run for office in Texas, talks Latino voters

George P. Bush, one of the founders of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas and a member of one of the nation’s most prominent political families, said to the Associated Press he is sure he is running for political office in Texas, but is still weighing which position.  The 36-year-old grandson and nephew to two former U.S. presidents and son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also spoke about Latinos in Texas, and appealing to the state’s growing Latino voting demographic.

“I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that having a candidate of Hispanic origin, or someone who can speak Spanish, can automatically obtain these votes,” said the young Bush, whose mother Columba is from Mexico and who has said previously she experienced racism in Texas before moving to Florida. The young Bush, however, did say in the AP interview that “it’s important tactically to have candidates that understand issues of the community.”  This is something his father, Jeb Bush, repeatedly said before the elections as he and others in the Republican party were trying to soften the GOP among Hispanics, especially on immigration.

George P. Bush also said he did not think Texas was more intolerant than other places toward Latinos. “Obviously, I think that issue exists wherever you go,” said the young Bush. “I don’t think it’s just unique here.”  He also he believes the Lone Star State will be majority Hispanic in six years.

The 36-year-old attorney , who served in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer, says he will decide which office to run for after the Texas legislature adjourns in May, and after Governor Rick Perry decides whether he is seeking re-election or not.  Among the offices he is considering is Texas land commissioner, which manages the Permanent Schools Fund, which pays for public education. The young Bush also said to the AP that his experience in Afghanistan would help him put a strong focus on veterans’ affairs.

If Governor Perry does not seek re-election, some speculate the younger Bush could also run for that position.

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