Mexican rock band Maná with President Obama. (AP Photo/David Becker)

Maná to perform at Obama’s inaugural ball

Sonia Sotomayor, Richard Blanco and Luis Leon have already added Latino participation to President Obama‘s inauguration on Monday, but now the celebratory inaugural balls will have their share of Latino superstars performing as well.

Joining Marc Anthony, who was already announced as a performer at the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball, where Obama and Vice President Biden will honor veterans and their families, is superstar Mexican rock group Maná, who will perform at the inaugural ball.

The inaugural ball will be a celebration bringing together members of the public, grassroots volunteers, local community leaders and supporters, various organizations, and local and state-elected leaders.

This won’t be the first time Maná is rubbing elbows with Obama.

During a high-profile campaign event in Las Vegas before his re-election, the rockers endorsed the president and played a set of songs for a crowd of 11,000 people.

EXCLUSIVE: Maná on Why They Endorsed Barack Obama

“We have the conviction that Obama is the best candidate for all Latinos,” Maná frontman Fher Olvera said in Spanish at the time, pointing to Obama’s plans for health care, education, and the DREAM Act. “Vote for the president who has cared most for Latinos and minorities.”

In October, Maná elaborated to NBC Latino on why they felt the need to endorse him.

“We support those who want to fight racism and those who want to fight against marginalization, and the party that best supports Latinos is the Democrats and President Barack Obama,” Olvera said at the time.

But he went further, explaining that the band didn’t just want a photo op with the president — they wanted to press him on things everyday Latinos tell them the community needs, like comprehensive immigration reform.

“We asked him if he would work just as hard to achieve immigration reform as he worked for healthcare reform, and he said, absolutely,” Olvera said.

“He was very clear, and I do believe he is an honest president.”

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