Henry Muñoz III, one of President Obama’s most influential Latino fundraisers, was named DNC finance chair. (Photo/Getty Images )

DNC’s Latino and gay Finance Chair wants to encourage new generation of leaders

A political reality is that modern election campaigns require money — lots of it.  For the first time, the Democratic National Committee elected a Latino, Henry Muñoz III, as its new National Finance Committee Chair.

Muñoz, a San Antonio, Texas-based businessman and philanthropist, was one of the most influential Latino fundraisers for President Obama. For Muñoz, the appointment ushers a chance to bring in more diversity and inclusion into the Democratic party’s influential group of donors.

“As an American of Latino descent and as a gay man, I look forward to expanding our Democratic donor base and working hard to encourage the election of a new generation of Democratic leaders,” says Muñoz.

Muñoz also adds that “renewing our commitment to making the American Dream a reality for everyone -requires strong allies at every level,” and he hopes he can help bring more Democrats and community activists into leadership roles in the party.

“He’s very skilled at fundraising,” said Mayor Julián Castro about Muñoz to the San Antonio-Express Herald. Castro was one of the Obama campaign’s national co-chairs.  “He helped stand up a fundraising operation in a short time frame, and it was a break-through effort,” said Castro.

After being heavily involved in the president’s re-election campaign season, Muñoz was recently organizing the Latino Inaugural 2013 Kennedy Center performance, an event which gathered high-profile Latino stars such as Ricky Martin, Chita Rivera and Rita Moreno to celebrate Hispanic‘ participation in Obama’s re-election.

Muñoz organized the star-studded event along with actress Eva Longoria and Puerto Rican attorney Andrés López.  The three of them form part of the leadership of  The Futuro Fund, an initiative which raised millions of dollars for Obama’s re-election. More importantly, The Futuro Fund was formed “to ensure that as Latinos, we make our presence felt in this pivotal presidential campaign,” according to their website.

Now, Muñoz’ leadership role in the DNC keeps Latino issues front and center. “His new appointment is an acknowledgment that for Latinos, the future is now,” says Futuro Fund’s Andrés López, who has said that key Latino appointments in the Administration as well as immigration reform should be priorities for the president’s second term.

“The more the country’s leadership truly reflects its demographic reality, the better off we will all be,” adds López.

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