[VIDEO] Eva Longoria admits she’s a cat lady

Eva Longoria is a well-known actress, producer, political activist and philanthropist but that being said, there are still quite a few things that the Latina star hasn’t revealed to her fans nationwide.  Among them? Well, for starters, Longoria is a self-professed cat lady and has been since she and her family adopted a stray when she was a child.

“Since then, I’ve always found cats interesting,” remarks Longoria, who says she and cats share a love of napping in the sunshine. “They’re independent and feminine – and they can see right through you! But cat lovers get a very bad rap.”

Longoria’s affection for felines is just one of many traits that qualify the 37-year-old as a spokesperson for Sheba cat food, for which she’s kicked things off with a “Feed Your Passion” campaign. And while the actress counts spending time with her family, cooking, philanthropy and traveling among her passions, if it’s time for a full confessional, well, she’s willing to come clean.

“I can’t sing,” admits Longoria. So consider it a done deal: Longoria will never take to the big screen in a movie musical like Les Misérables.

“I could never do that,” says Longoria, who has the dance part of the song-and-dance routine down pat thanks to her time on her Corpus Christi, Texas high school dance team. “I would actually freak out and start sweating.”

And while Longoria is in the mood to share, we just had to ask: what’s the secret to carving out time for all your passions? “A to-do list,” for one, explains the actress and most importantly, an education.

“Education is key to being well-rounded,” says Longoria, who champions education for girls through her non-profit foundation.

“I was able to pursue more of my passions because I had an education.”

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