Designer Rolando Santana (r) discusses making a wedding dress for actress Dania Ramirez. (Photos/NBC Latino)

Dania Ramirez’s wedding dress: all the details from designer Rolando Santana

Dania Ramirez may be known for playing a tough girl – think “Premium Rush” and 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand” – but for her Feb. 16 wedding to director John Beverly Amos Land, the Dominican actress wanted to look and feel like a princess.

“I was scared,” says Mexican designer Rolando Santana of the task of creating a couture wedding gown for one of his favorite celebrity clients. “But I had to listen to Dania and design something she would love. This is a very important day in a woman’s life and I was lucky she picked me to be part of her special day.”

For Santana – who is known for creating chic, ladylike women’s wear – designing for Ramirez was an exercise in executing the type of refined clothing that has made him a favorite of actresses and socialites including Selena Gomez, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Tinsley Mortimer.

Ramirez's princess-style gown included hand-embellished accents.

Ramirez’s princess-style gown included hand-embellished accents. (Photo/Courtesy Rolando Santana)

“Dania has great taste and she can be a very edgy modern girl but deep down, she loves beautiful dresses,” explains Santana, who designed the dress between time spent curating his Fall/Winter 2013 collection. “She loves a romantic yet sexy and classy design.”

Even so, Santana reveals that the dress ultimately had to put a smile on Ramirez’s face, rather than satisfy his own fashion-forward sensibility.  After all, the dress – to be worn at a small ceremony for 75 guests at the Hard Rock Hotel in the beach resort town of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic – was meant to make the 33-year-old feel every inch the blushing bride.

“I am not much into princesses and fairy tales but this is what Dania wanted,” confesses Santana. “I needed to meet in the middle where she had a touch of princess, but was something I loved working on that was true to my design aesthetic.”

And it seems that the dress – made of light weight silk taffeta, edged with French lace and hand-embellished accents – satisfied Ramirez’s vision of being a princess on her big day.

“Dania looked stunning,” says Santana, who said he was thrilled with the final dress design. “The dress is special because it’s mine, but I designed it with only Dania in mind.”

“What a perfect combination!”

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