Participants with One Million Moms for Gun Control, a gun control group formed in the wake of last month’s massacre at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school, attend a rally and march across the Brooklyn Bridge on January 21, 2013 in New York City

Poll: Latino voters support gun control laws, regardless of political party

Regardless of their political party preferences, the majority of Hispanic voters consistently support proposals that would reduce and restrict guns and ammunition, according to a new  Latino Decisions poll.

In a national survey of Latino registered voters, 84 percent of Latinos support background checks before buying a gun in a store or in a gun show, 69 percent agree on establishing a national database of gun owners, and 64 percent favor making it illegal for people with documented mental illness to purchase and own guns.  Sixty-two percent favor limiting the capacity of magazines and 54 percent support a ban on semi-automatic and assault weapons.  Fifty-seven percent oppose having teachers carry weapons.

“Our results demonstrate that gun violence and gun control matter to Latinos,” stated Latino Decisions’ Adrian Pantoja.  “We contend the perspectives of the Latino electorate should not be lost on lawmakers tasked with the critical effort to address the tragedies of gun violence in the United States.”

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Unlike the general electorate, where views on gun control differ along party lines, Democrat, Republican and Independent Latino voters support most gun control proposals.  Background checks, for example, have the support of 86 percent of Latino Democrats, 84 percent of Latino Independents and 80 percent of Republican Latinos. Support for a national gun owner database has the support of 74 percent of Hispanic Democrats, 65 percent of Latino Republicans and 60 percent of Hispanic Independents.

The majority of Latino Democrats and Republicans oppose the idea of arming school personnel. Less than half of Republicans –42 percent — and Democrats — 35 percent — support arming teachers, though a very slight majority (51 percent) of independents are in favor.

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Banning assault weapons is the only issue where there is a clear partisan division among Latino voters. Sixty-five percent of Democrats are in favor of an assault weapons ban, compared to only 41 percent of Republicans who oppose it and only 31 percent of Independents.

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