Pitbull will show fans a different side of himself in the animated film, “Epic,” which comes out May 24.

Pitbull is Bufo, a toad with an attitude, in star-studded animated film “Epic”

He’s Mr. 305 and Mr. Worldwide but now Pitbull is adding Mr. Toad to his impressive and diverse resume.

A new trailer for the animated film “Epic,” featuring Beyonce, Colin Farell, Steven Tyler, Aziz Ansari and Jason Sudeikis, shows Pitbull in all his animated and amphibious glory.

Pitbull tweeted the trailer Friday, so his fans could meet his new character.

Pitbull is on a roll, after announcing a summer tour on Friday with Ke$ha.

While many are calling Pitbull’s animated character a frog, Bufo is actually the name of a genus of toad. Regardless, the big-time cast ensures “Epic” will be just that for many movie goers.

The world will surely see more of Bufo as the movie’s release date nears on May 24.

pitbull bufo poster

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