Fun and educational resources for celebrating Easter with your kids

For those celebrating Easter Sunday, take a look at our list of educational and entertaining books, crafts, and activities created just for this holiday.


Everywhere you look this year, you’ll see articles about making cascarones. But we still have our favorite resources, like the book “The Legend of the Cascarón” by Roxanna Montes-Bazaldua. The beautifully written and illustrated book tells the amusing tale of how the first cascarones were created by Don Serafín, an old farmer who loved his chickens. The book is only available (for a reasonable price) on Kindle, but it does include both an English and Spanish version.

But, of course, if you’d prefer to share the true history of cascarones with your children (did you know they originated in China?), you can read a brief history that I published on my site, MommyMaestra, a couple of years ago.

We also love these little cascarones cookies! Don’t you think they would be very easy to make? Just use a plastic egg that opens length-wise as a cookie cutter, frost your cookies, and decorate the top with sprinkles.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs + piñatas = mini piñatitas! Growing Up Blackxican has an easy tutorial for making your own adorable miniature egg-shaped piñatas.

To decorate the table, check out this article on about how to make your own personalized Easter egg placemats. Just grab some poster board, washi tape, and a few other household items and you’re set!

Mr. Printables has several Easter-themed coloring pages, including this giant Easter egg coloring page. But what we love best on his site are these egg people! And the templates are free to download.

El Conejo

Stop by ModernMami for easy instructions on how to make an Easter Bunny craft out of paper tubes. They would be perfect for encouraging imaginative play in your child.

We also love these little bunny treat bags by Martha Stewart. Super easy to make, you can also fill them with non-edible treats like erasers, magnets, tiny pencils and crayons.

You can help boost your child’s Spanish (or English) skills with this cute bilingual coloring page by Spanglish Baby. It features el conejo and other popular Easter images. They also have a great little article showing how to make your own miniature tissue paper basket.

Games and Activities

To keep your child learning while having fun, consider using Easter-themed games.

Start off with this creative tutorial by ModernMami contributor Lisa Renata of Sabor a Cajeta, who makes simple tic-tac-toe games beautiful and crazy fun for kids. They would also make excellent gifts for children.

To keep your toddler busy, the blog I Can Do That! So Can You… has put together a great list of activities to help develop fine-motor, math, and pre-literacy skills.

Older children can practice their addition and subtraction with this fun, chick-themed fact family craft on Saylors Log, or this free 7-page set of Easter Math Printables by Games 4 Learning.

But our favorite game is this Funny Bunny Faces Game by Housing a Forest. Just download the printable, give your kid a pencil, paper, and one or two dice and let her create.

Happy Easter!

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