The Cesar Chavez Google doodle meant to honor the Mexican-American labor icon, has left many upset about Easter being ignored.

Cesar Chavez Google doodle has some saying, “What about Easter?”

Cesar Chavez was a labor leader who has increasingly come to be seen as an icon in the push for immigration reform. On Sunday, Google decided to honor the anniversary of his birthday, known as Cesar Chavez Day in California, Nevada and Texas. But some took issue with the fact that Google was not spotlighting Easter in Google doodle.

For its part, Google has not featured an Easter related doodle since 2000, according to its directory. Others thought the outrage was an overreaction and not in the spirit of what Easter should be. Many were also just happy to see Chavez honored.

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On its Bing search engine, Microsoft offered up a colorful assortment of Easter Eggs.

bing easter

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