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Powerball winner Pedro Quezada has child support warrant stayed

PATERSON, N.J. (AP) — A judge has temporarily stayed a child support warrant issued for the New Jersey man who just won a $338 million Powerball … Read More

Opinion: Rep.Young’s apology fell short of remorse

Open Alaskan mouth, insert Alaskan foot.  In an interview with Ketchikan Public Radio, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) used derogatory language to describe life on his … Read More

Students say recent Cesar Chavez celebrations are “disrespectful”

As police work to finalize plans for increased patrols on Cesar Chavez Day, a group of Chico State students in California is working to curb what it calls … Read More

StoryCorps Historias: A family in Nebraska breaks stereotypes in the 1960’s

Linda Hernandez grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska during the 1960s. Her father worked for the railroad, and her family was one of the few Latino families in … Read More

HOPE inspires women to lead in politics and beyond

This is the fifth installment of Latinas empowering other Latinas to succeed in honor of Women’s History Month.  Mayor Alicia Aguirre has always felt that … Read More

After pressure from GOP, Rep. Young utters the words: “I apologize”

After an increasing barrage of criticism from Democrats and Republicans for using the term "wetback" to refer to farm laborers, Alaska Congressman Don Young … Read More

Lawrence Partida, alleged gay hate crime victim, talks about attack, road to recovery

Lawrence "Mikey" Partida, a fun-loving, long-distance runner from Davis, California had his life as he knew it shattered on March 10 when he was brutally beaten … Read More

Telemundo Latin America news roundup – March 29, 2013

The latest Latin American news in under 59 seconds. Violence broke out between protesters and police during a student march in the capital of Chile. Police … Read More

Immigration report highlights deportee family separation

TUCSON - The University of Arizona released its study on migration and deportation. The newly released study found 1 in 3 deported immigrants said their home is … Read More

Rubio, Cruz pledge to oppose, filibuster gun control legislation

Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are threatening to use the practice of filibustering - talking for hours on the Senate floor so that a bill either … Read More