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Alaska Rep. Don Young backtracks after saying father’s farm employed “wetbacks”

Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young apologized after he made headlines for his choice of words to describe the workers in his father's farm: "My father had … Read More

Pope washes women’s feet in break with church law

ROME (AP) -- In his most significant break with tradition yet, Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of two young women at a juvenile detention center - a … Read More

Number of Latino television writers is at an all time-high

There’s Santana Lopez of “Glee.” There’s also Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr., Dr. Callie Torres (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Detective Christian Arroyo (“Golden Boy”). … Read More

Demi Lovato will return to “The X Factor” as judge

Demi Lovato will return to “The X Factor” as a judge when the show returns to airwaves this fall, Fox announced Thursday, marking the 20-year-old’s second … Read More

GOP presidential hopefuls shouldn’t fear immigration reform, report argues

Republican presidential hopefuls in 2016 shouldn’t fear that supporting immigration reform will threaten their chances of winning the GOP nomination, at least … Read More

One-year-old fights flesh-eating bacteria

A one-year-old boy is fighting for his life in a hospital bed. Doctors say the disease is a flesh-eating bacteria. Matthew Guevara is a fun-loving, active … Read More

[VIDEO] “Dreamer” film depicts the emotional impact of living undocumented

Salvadoran-American writer and director Jesse Salmeron noticed the devastation of DREAMers when the DREAM Act didn’t pass in the winter of 2010, and he thought … Read More

Mami real talk: Tips for flying in peace with children

Spring break is here and I wonder how many overcrowded flights will have the hysteria of a crying child.  It is an incredibly unpleasant experience for the … Read More

Holy Week recipes: Latin sweets

Lent is coming to an end, meaning for many, a return to sweet desserts given up in observance of the 46 days leading up to Easter Sunday. That’s right: if you … Read More

Op-ed: The Republican tug of war between Hispanics and the Tea Party

Conventional wisdom suggests that the Republican Party needs to support comprehensive immigration reform if it is to become more diverse and attract more … Read More