Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said fellow Republicans are not willing to stand up against Obamacare. (Photo/Getty Images )

Ted Cruz throws fellow GOP Senators under the bus

One of the “Lone Star State” Senators has no problem being a  “lone” Senator when it comes to breaking with Senate tradition and “telling” on his fellow colleagues’ off-the-record, closed-door meetings. As a YouTube video that is making the rounds shows,  Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz spoke at a Tea Party “Freedom Works” event and described in detail how top fellow Republicans in closed-door lunches were “yelling” at Cruz, Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mike Lee for their forceful, public anti-gun control stance and filibuster threats weeks before the Senate vote on background checks.

“We’ve had probably five or six lunches with a bunch of Republican senators standing up and looking at Rand and Mike and me and yelling at the top of their lungs — I mean really upset – why did you do this,” said Senator Cruz, referring to the letter Cruz, Rand and Lee sent to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatening to filibuster if need be to make sure gun control legislation did not pass.  Cruz said that the senators said, “as a result of what you did, when I go home, my constituents are yelling at me that I’ve got to stand on principle,” said Cruz.

“I mean, I’m really not making that up,” added Cruz to laughter. “I don’t even argue with them. I just sort of let them yell,” said Cruz. The Texan Senator added that in the closed-door hearings, the Senators said they would now look like a bunch of “squishes” if they voted in favor of background checks.  The vast majority of Republican Senators did not vote for background checks, and the gun control measure failed in the Senate.

Cruz credited his, Senator Paul’s and Senator Lee’s filibuster letter with mobilizing the anti-gun control “grassroots” which then pressured Republican Senators to vote against the gun background checks.

“Let me tell you something the media ain’t telling you — we’re winning,” said Cruz to cheers.

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That is not the case for all Republican senators who voted against expanded background checks for gun purchases. In a recent poll, New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte’s approval rating went down 15 points after voting against the background checks, and another poll found lower ratings for Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. In addition, 65 percent of  Americans said in a Gallup poll released today that the Senate should have passed the measure to expand background checks for gun purchases, while 29 percent agree with the Senate’s failure to pass the measure.

In terms of policy, however, Latino Decisions political scientist Sylvia Manzano says Cruz is right.

“Right now, Cruz raises a fair point — months after the president was re-elected, and even after the Newtown shooting, in the policy scoreboard, the Republicans won against gun control legislation,” says Manzano.

What about Cruz? While he may be ruffling many feathers — including those of Republican colleagues — Manzano says the Texan Cuban-American Tea Party Republican has been consistent.

“The voters who elected him like his style; and he plays well to that base and the national Tea Party base which feels like it doesn’t have that much representation left,” says Manzano.

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