Thousands are expected to participate in May 1 events around the country calling for worker rights and immigration reform. (Photo/Getty Images )

Immigration rallies in cities across country planned for May Day

In Los Angeles, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) is urging people to “step out as if your life depended on it.” CHIRLA is one of many immigrants rights organizations under the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) coalition who is urging Americans to support workers rights and immigration reform on May 1st.

“The traditional May Day celebrations, rallies, and marches are fast approaching and tens of thousands will take to the streets to express their support for worker rights and long-overdue immigration system updates,” said in a statement Angelica Salas, CHIRLA’s Executive Director. “We call on every American family to mark May 1 as a national day of action to press for the end of life in the shadows for millions of undocumented workers, students, families, and children who call the U.S. home,” Salas stated.

In Birmingham, Alabama, the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is announcing a march with over 3,000 people, Promise Arizona is planning a rally in the state’s Capitol in Phoenix, and in Denver, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition plan a rally and march on the Capitol.  The New York City Immigrant Coalition plans a rally with labor unions and immigrant groups.

In Orlando, Florida, Mi Familia Vota is planning a “Right to Work, Right to Live, Right to Stay” event.   In Las Vegas, Nevada, about 10,000 people composed of labor, religious and community groups  are expected at a rally, according to the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.  In New England,  marches are planned in East Boston, Portland, Maine and Concord, New Hampshire and New Haven, Connecticut.  Other events will take place in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin,  Michigan and Virginia.

“Every day that Congress fails to pass immigration reform legislation, 1,100 families are torn apart,” according to a statement from FIRM. The coalition is also calling for a stop to deportations while Congress debates the immigration reform bills.  The Senate Judiciary Committee has announced it will begin debating and amending a bipartisan immigration reform proposal on May 9th.

“Immigration reform will not take place unless we continue pressuring legislators to let them know it is time for reform -number one – and number two, the majority of Americans support immigration reform,” said Kika Matos, spokesperson for FIRM.

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