Boy who is hearing impaired hopes to find his lost service dog

SAN ANTONIO – How far would you go to help a friend? A little boy is willing to go around the world and back if it means finding his lost dog.

That might be hard, though: He has school tomorrow. So 7-year-old Raymond Gonzalez is hoping that if as many as people as possible hear his story, his dog will come home.

“I’d like to tell them about the amazing dog in the world,” he says. “His name is Charlie. And then his last name is Charlie Brown.”

Raymond and Charlie Brown are the best of friends.

Raymond has trouble hearing. It used to make him sad, but lately he’s all smiles and it’s all because Charlie Brown helps him stay safe crossing the street.

“Yeah because he’s almost like a cop dog,” Raymond says. “He wants to be proud because he don’t want me to get dead by a car.”

A few days ago, the four-month-old pit bull mix got lost.

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