Ricky Martin has recently asked his fans to help him write a World Cup Brazil song by entering an international contest. (Photo/Getty Images)

Ricky Martin asks fans to petition for pro-gay legislation in Puerto Rico

Ricky Martin is famous for using his celebrity to bring awareness to philanthropic and political causes, and it looks like he’s renewed his commitment LGBT rights, asking Puerto Rican fans to petition members of the Puerto Rican House of Representatives to approve a bill that would end legal discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

The Puerto Rican singer took to Twitter to mobilize the support of his 8 million followers, asking them to take to social media and ask select members of Puerto Rico’s legislative body to vote in favor of Senate Bill 238.

The proposed bill would ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation in the workplace, whether in the government, public or private sectors.

Martin – who has been a staunch LGBT rights advocate since coming out in 2010 – has been a public supporter of the proposal. Earlier this month, he sent a letter to Governor Alejandro García Padilla and island legislators asking them to pass bill 238 and other legislation which would protect Puerto Rico’s LGBT community.

“The same rights for each and every citizen of Puerto Rico, that’s what we are asking and that’s what we hope to achieve, the country’s justice and peace that we want to achieve,” Martin said in a statement posted on his personal website. “Puerto Rico has to join all the countries in the world that are at the forefront of the issue of human rights and equality.”

Bill 238 will be the subject of debate and vote on the Senate floor on Thursday, May 23.

In addition to his political activism, the “Living La Vida Loca” singer seems to have a full slate of projects on his schedule: he just wrapped up his time as judge on “The Voice Australia,” is developing a new series for NBC and is working on a children’s book.

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