Protesters gathered outside the hotel where Senator Cruz spoke, and denounced his immigration stance. (Photo/Getty Images )

Crowd protests Senator Cruz on immigration and gun control as he woos conservatives

Texas conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz,  who has garnered quite a lot of attention as a freshman Senator and is a favorite among the Tea Party crowd, was in New York today, where he called for abolishing the IRS and urged Republicans to fight for economic growth as well as “freedom.” Cruz said the tax code had thousands of words more than the Bible, “and none of them are good,” according to National Review Online. 

The Canadian-born Cuban-American-Texan was invited to address the New York State Republican Annual dinner.  But across from the midtown Manhattan hotel, over a hundred people vocally addressed their opposition to the Senator’s stances on issues such as gun control and immigration.  Cruz voted against the Senate bill to expand background checks for gun purchases, saying that infringed on Second Amendment rights. On immigration, Cruz steadfastly opposes a path to citizenship for undocumented citizens.

“We’re going to chase him wherever he goes,” said Dallas resident Ramiro Luna to the Dallas Morning News.  “We want him to know the immigrant community is not afraid of him,” added Luna, who is undocumented himself.  Guatemalan-born graduate student in New York Guisela Marroquin told the Dallas newspaper, “Cruz was an immigrant himself and he doesn’t acknowledge it. He’s from Canada.”

Cruz did not answer reporters who asked if he would attempt to filibuster the immigration bill, but said he would focus on areas of bipartisan agreement, such as border security and legal immigration.

Cruz voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, which caused New York Republican Congressman Peter King to boycott attending the Republican dinner.

Cruz took the protests — as well as King’s snub — in stride, saying people have a right to express themselves, and saying it was “unfortunate” that King did not attend the dinner. In the meantime, conservatives had Cruz trending on Twitter, and the Senator responded.

But Cruz supporters weren’t the only ones on Twitter — so were gun control advocates calling the senator out for opposing the background checks.

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