Juicy, fragrant tacos al pastor like the ones pictured here form the basis for cultural musings and detailed recipes at La Vitamina T, a blog by Mexican transplant Brenda Storch. (Photo/Courtesy Brenda Storch)

Food blogs we love: La Vitamina T

Who’s blogging: My name is Brenda Storch and I was born in Mexico – a country that’s inspired me to write about food.

Explain your blog name: In Mexico, La Vitamina T (Vitamin T) is a tongue-in-cheek term we use to refer to carb-loaded delicacies that usually begin with a “t”: tacos, tortas, tamales, tostadas, etc. Here, for centuries, food has been a lifestyle: beyond eating it, we create it, we live it, we speak it, we adore it. My blog is dedicated to food:  to the people who craft it and the people who enjoy it; to the memories it brings, and the memories it creates.

Blogging since: March 2012 – my blog is still very new, but I’ve had so much fun creating content that speaks to the food and country I love.

Blogging from: I blog from my home in Chicago, Illinois

Blogger Brenda Storch.

Blogger Brenda Storch.

Most popular post: Posts featuring cultural vignettes have been very popular. A recipe to make pan de yema, a Oaxacan breakfast staple, has been the most viewed single post so far.

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: The more I talk about food, the more I find it a particularly powerful element of national and religious identity. During the holidays, among many cultures, dishes often have ritualistic qualities and are charged with plenty of symbolisms. At the same time, dishes provide us with a common ground: we eat, therefore we exist. In sum, I am fascinated by the fact that food makes us different and, at the same time,  food makes us the same.

Where do you get inspiration for your posts? From the food I miss and the food I stumble upon. I am also inspired by the vivid memories that certain dishes trigger. I am convinced that as an art form or a cultural artifact, food provides the ultimate level of interactivity – that is, communion.

What have you learned from blogging? I have deepened my passion for food as an artistic expression and as an element of cultural identity. I have also become mesmerized by Mexico’s incredibly rich and extensive culinary treasure.

Where else can we find you online? Find me on Twitter, on Facebook and Pinterest. Our content has been featured in a few online publications and I host Sazón, Razón y Corazón, a bimonthly segment on food and culture at a local radio station. 

What are your favorite food blogs? I actually find myself being inspired by food intellectuals like  Mexican chef Enrique Olvera and Yuri de Gortari, for example. They offer so much to learn from!

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