MillerCoors announced it was halting production of a beer can with a logo featuring a likeness of the Puerto Rican flag. (Photo/courtesy of Boricuas for a Positive Image)

Coors stops production of controversial Puerto Rican Day parade beer can

MillerCoors announced it was stopping production of a beer can which offended some in the Puerto Rican community, who said the image resembled the Puerto Rican flag.

“We apologize if the graphic on our promotional packaging inadvertently offended you or any other members of the Puerto Rican community,” said Nehl Horton, chief public affairs and communication officer for MillerCoors, in a statement to “Boricuas for a Positive Image,” according to the New York Daily News.

The group “Boricuas for a Positive Image,” has been at loggerheads with the leadership of the Puerto Rican Day parade, who had supported MillerCoors on the beer can controversy.

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The National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc. said in a statement that community leaders should “clear this misunderstanding, and stop misguidedly telling the public that the Puerto Rican flag has been posted on beer cans, something that the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc. would never authorize.”  The parade’s leadership defended MillerCoors’ work with the community.  But this led Boricuas for a Positive Image to criticize the parade leadership as well as Coors for the Puerto Rican Day-parade related beer cans.

Today, the Puerto Rican Day Parade leadership put out a statement. “The Board of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade has started to discuss and develop new guidelines for logo use and display by third parties, and/or re-creation which might result in resemblance to any official Puerto Rican symbol, such as the Puerto Rican flag,” said Madelyn Lugo, president of the parade group.

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New York City Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito, who very vocally criticized the cans, put out a statement today.

“Today’s announcement that Coors will cease all production of products bearing the Puerto Rican flag is yet another incredible victory for our community, which was brought about solely by sustained pressure at the grassroots,” said Mark-Viverito.  The Council Member also criticized the National Puerto Rican Day parade organizers, and said it “calls for a re-evaluation of the Board of Directors’ leadership.”

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