Study: Deporting Texas’ undocumented Latinos would lead to nearly $70 billion loss

(KVEO) The number of immigrants in Texas is growing and so is their financial impact, according to a new study.

The study put out by the Perryman Group of Texas found the purchasing power of Hispanics and Asians has increased five-fold this decade.

Immigration detractors say more unauthorized workers mean they’ll take from the education and health care system and not pay back into it.

“It might be true that some immigrants use up services that are provided in the U.S., but the fact of the matter is that most immigrants are quite young,” said UTPA economics professor Salvador Contreras. “They come here in their most productive years. In the years that they aren’t requiring much services.”

In Texas, there may be less influence. There’s no state income tax and all workers have to pay sales and property taxes.

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