Tech blogger and social media influencer Eva Smith counts on traditional Mexican recipes – like the shrimp coctel pictured here – as a way to keep culture alive in her bicultural home. (Photo/Courtesy Eva Smith)

Food blogs we love: Tech Food Life

Who’s blogging: I’m Eva Smith, an IT architect with a passion for food, technology and community building.

Explain your blog name: The name Tech Food Life Magazine was inspired by my desire to share my opinions on technology and my mother’s delicious recipes. It seemed natural to just name the website after the topics that I’m most passionate about!

Blogging since: 2006

Blogging from: I blog from home in Southern California

Eva Smith is a bicultural mom who loves technology - but enjoys recreating her mother's classic Mexican recipes too.

Eva Smith is a bicultural mom who loves technology, but enjoys recreating her mother’s classic Mexican recipes too.

Most popular post: My most popular post is a recipe for  Mexican chicken soup –– otherwise known as caldo de pollo. Yum!

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: The ingredients of a recipe each have unique aromas and flavors to make food savory. When given an option, always choose fresh organic ingredients to bring out the best flavor.  Support your local organic farmers markets and shop for fresh ingredients, grind your own pepper, grate your own cheese and make your own chile by roasting peppers, tomatoes and garlic.  When it comes to food, fresh is always best. I’ve also learned that it takes a long time to create and prepare a Latin recipe. Behind the scenes there is a lot of planning in preparing the food ingredients, tasting and photography of final dishes.

Where do you get inspiration for your posts? My biggest inspiration often comes from a desire to recreate a recipe I tasted in my mother’s kitchen, a restaurant or local food event.

What have you learned from blogging? With patience and determination anyone can reach their blogging goals. Blogging can also opens doors to opportunities such as freelance writing or dream jobs in new media!

Where else can we find you online?  I’ve had the honor on being featured several well known online and print publications writing on everything from cultureparenting and food, and I hope to ramp up the number for this year as well. I’ve been featured on USA Today, Voxxi and was named “Best Lifestyle Blog” by Latina magazine.

What are your favorite food blogs? I love the Other Side of The Tortilla, Nibbles & Feasts, Presley’s Pantry, La Cocina de Leslie, Adriana’s Best Recipes — all lovely ladies.

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