Jaime Davila, the “Breakaway Backpacker,” on his two-year adventure around the world. (Courtesy Jaime Davila)

After traveling the globe, the “Breakaway Backpacker” tells us his top 10 travel destinations

At 25, Jaime Davila had had enough of the corporate world, so he quit his job, sold his belongings and traveled the world for two years — visiting 30 countries and more than 100 cities. He recently returned home, heartbroken from a love he had to leave behind in Cairo — but he says traveling the globe made him a new man.

“Before this trip I had spent my whole life living in Houston, Texas, and aside from a few vacations and visiting family in Mexico, I hadn’t seen much of the world,” says Davila. “I am now 27, heartbroken, back at home living debt-free, and currently working to save for my next epic adventure, because I believe the world is too beautiful to not see as much of it as possible.”

Davila says there is nothing like the feeling you get when you arrive in a new city and are so out of your comfort zone, or the feeling you get when you encounter a stranger who opens their home for you and invites you to dinner, or even when you stand in front of something so stunning you just marvel at it for hours.

“It is a feeling that is irreplaceable and makes me feel alive,” says Davila, also known as the “Breakaway Backpacker,” after the blog he started to document his travels.

Here, he shares with NBC Latino his top 10 favorite destinations, and why…

Photos by Jaime Davila

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