Baseball player Chipper Jones has apologized for a joke he made about undocumented Hispanics. (Photos/Getty Images)

Chipper Jones apologizes for tweet as “attempt at humor”

Baseball player Chipper Jones has posted an apology on Twitter for a tweet poking fun at undocumented Hispanics.

Jones – who spent all 19 years of his career playing for the Atlanta Braves — apologized for his tweet, saying it was “offensive and distasteful,” an “attempt at humor” which was a “terrible mistake.”

Jones, who will be inducted into the Braves’ Hall of Fame on June 28, created a wave of press over the weekend when he posted his joke on Twitter Saturday. His  tweet — referred to by The Atlanta Journal Constitution as a “harmless little joke” — referred to the use of alligators as a way to increase border security, tweeting, “Y’all think if they took all them gators they trap in Fla and La and put them in the Rio Grande, it wud stop the illegals from crossing? Jk”

The reference to immigration reform and undocumented Latinos ignited conversation on social media and Jones’ original tweet was retweeted more than 2,000 times.

Latino Rebels was credited with breaking the story of Jones’ commentary and was the first outlet to post the news of Jones’ apology, which Jones tweeted to his 302,921 followers late Sunday evening.

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