After Sebastien de la Cruz was sharply criticized on Twitter for singing the national anthem, a Miami family has an idea to show Latino patriotic pride. Photo/AP

Eleven year old mariachi singer attacked on Twitter after singing national anthem

Sebastien De La Cruz of  “America’s Got Talent” fame opened game three of the NBA Finals Tuesday night and sang the National Anthem. The eleven year old got thunderous applause, but not everyone on Twitter reacted quite so kindly. Some on the social media site made disparaging and negative comments about the Latino boy, and some incorrectly said he was an undocumented immigrant who should not be singing the National Anthem.

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The Twitter comments about De La Cruz were first compiled by the Tumblr Public Shaming. Fans of the tiny mariachi singer immediately rushed to his defense, causing many of De La Cruz’s harsh critics to delete their Twitter accounts. His Facebook page also lit up with praises of his performance and messages of support.

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The young mariachi appeared on a San Antonio local Fox station after his performance and responded to the backlash.

“My father was actually in the Navy for a pretty long time and I actually salute him today for that. People don’t know they just assume that I’m just Mexican, but I’m not from Mexico,” he said. ” I’m from San Antonio born and raised a true Spurs fan.”

He also tweeted:

De La Cruz appeared on “America’s Got Talent” last year.

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Liliana Llamas contributed to this report. 

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