Arizona muralists create art as tribute to city

Beautiful murals are going up on walls all over Phoenix.

Local artists like Lalo Cota, Thomas “Breeze” Marcus, Sakoia, and Martin Moreno are taking the effort to a whole other level. Many of them started as “taggers,” graffiti artists scarring the alleys and store walls of Phoenix.

“Tagging is more the scribbling, vandalizing, and destruction of property,” Thomas “Breeze” Marcus said.

Now, those artists are being paid to put up their art.

“When you pick up a spray can, everything is in reverse,” Lalo Cota, a Phoenix native said. “From the way you outline a drawing or painting, it takes years.”

While most street artists use spray paint as their medium, legendary muralist Martin Moreno has used a paint brush for forty years. He says murals are a primary way to deter graffiti on city walls. He calls it a mutual respect among street artists.

“If you incorporate the community, if you embrace the community, then they will respect your work,” he said.

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