Opera trio “Forte,” featuring Puerto Rican vocalist Fernando Varela (l). (Photo/Virginia Sherwood for NBC)

[VIDEO] Puerto Rican opera singer steals spotlight on “America’s Got Talent”

Last night on “America’s Got Talent,” a pretty amazing Latino voice stole the show.

After meeting and rehearsing for the first time just a few days before the audition for America’s Got Talent, multicultural opera trio “Forte” brought the house down.

As vocalist Fernando Varela – originally from Puerto Rico and brother of Latino Rebels founder and NBC Latino contributor Julio Varela – began the second verse with a powerful belt, judges Mel B and Heidi Klum exchanged looks, both looking shocked and pleased. The trio closed its performance – the very first performance as a group – blending perfectly in a powerful, three-part harmony.

The trio was deemed “amazing” by Mel B, while Klum described the group’s vocals as “beautiful.”

“I like it a lot. I like that you are just regular guys,” said judge Howard Stern. “I like that you have just met. There is something exciting about the whole thing. it feels new and fresh.”

As for judge Howie Mandel, he had this to say: “A Hispanic, a Korean, a New Yorker walk into a bar and record a giant hit record.”

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