Idaho Republican Congressman Raul Labrador is calling for more border security after he took a tour of the border (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty)

Labrador: “Death of the Republican party” if immigration not done right politically

This morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, Idaho Republican Congressman Raul Labrador discussed the immigration reform negotiations in Congress with Meet the Press host David Gregory.

“I actually think if we don’t do it right it will be the death of the Republican party,” said the Puerto Rican Tea Party Congressman, who practiced immigration law before becoming a member of Congress.  Labrador was part of a bipartisan House group working on proposed legislation but separated from the group recently, though he is still proposing reform.

Watch the interview:

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Labrador went on to explain that the Republicans would lose the conservative base because that group would not feel enough was being done on stopping the flow of illegal immigration, and then he said the GOP would lose Hispanics who would not support the more stringent pathway to citizenship supported by some in the House compared to the bill in the Senate.

Labrador then said that to do it right an immigration bill has to cut down “on illegal immigration by a large percentage (and) bring more legal immigrants to the U.S.”

“I hope we’re going to get a bill, but my concern with the Senate bill is they put the legalization of 11 million people ahead of security — I think the American people are not going to stand for that,” he said.

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