Colorado Chef brings Miami flavor to eco-friendly cuisine

There’s a new executive chef in town at the Wine Country Inn in Palisade, Colorado.

Chef Marcelo Marino came to the Western Slope from Miami where he helped to open a Spanish-language culinary college and had his own fresh, sustainable foods restaurant.

“We try to be organic as much as possible but we are definitely sustainable, so we’re to the max,” says Chef Marcelo. “What we want to showcase here at the Wine Country Inn is ensure that what we do is fresh, local and sustainable.”

Marcelo says that food is meant to be fun and when food is your life like it is to him, what is there to complain about?

“My motto is life is good, because life is good, life is amazing actually,” says Chef Marcelo. “You’re enjoying life, you’re enjoying what the earth is providing you. So I mean what could be better? At the end of the day just finishing it with amazing food and amazing wine… what could be better than that?”

The chef is currently planning partnerships with neighboring farmers and growers to help bolster the popularity of local fare that he thinks is sadly overlooked.

He says, “We’re going to encourage all of the wine makers in the area to do nice wine dinners or nice wine tastings where we can showcase our beautiful food that we have in the Valley and our amazing wines.”

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