Detroit Institute of Arts director: Art collection shouldn’t be sold

Graham W.J. Beal the director of the Detroit  Institute of Arts, shows some of the museum’s world renowned collection and explains why it is important for the art not be sold to pay the city’s creditors.

“Perhaps the work we’re best known for is the great Rivera mural- Detroit Industry,” Beal says of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera works. Rivera’s acclaimed murals, inspired by Detroit’s Ford Motor Company are a tribute to the city’s manufacturing base and are widely considered to be Rivera’s most successful work.

“When people arrive at the DIA they are almost certain to say words to the effect of ‘I had no idea Detroit had anything like this’,” Beal says.

But with city’s recent bankruptcy filing, Detroit is at a tipping point. Beal worries for the fate of the museum because the city owns the DIA.

“You have to worry about that because things can go wrong. To do anything to the DIA- we would lose our funding and then close,” he says.

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