Julian Castro: If immigration fails “everyone will know” House Republicans are to blame

San Antonio Democrat Mayor Julian Castro may have been on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports today to talk about his city’s AAA rating and economic stability, but NBC’s Andrea Mitchell also pressed him for answers regarding  immigration reform and the possibility of Texas turning blue.

“It’s an exciting time to be in Texas right now as a Democrat,” said Castro, who shares this month’s cover of Texas Monthly with two other Texas Democrats — his brother, Representative Joaquin Castro, and Senator Wendy Davis. “There’s a feeling in the air that things are changing.” He said it’s not a question of whether or not Texas will become a blue state, but “the question is when. How long will it take?”

When the topic turned to immigration, Mayor Castro said that “the Hispanic community and all Americans are very closely watching Speaker Boehner and those House Republicans. If immigration reform fails, everyone will know very clearly — going into 2014 and 2016 — that it was the House Republicans that caused it to fail.”

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