[VIDEO] Salsa singer Marc Anthony’s album “3.0” reveals new perspective after ten year hiatus from music

Video by Alessandra Hickson

Marc Anthony celebrated the release of his 11th studio album in his hometown of New York City, returning to Rockefeller Center, where he would often attend concerts and imagine his name on the building’s iconic marquee.

“It’s amazing – these are my old stomping grounds, given that I was born and raised here,” Anthony told NBC Latino’s Nina Terrero. “It’s very special.”

Between moments signing autographs and hugging fans who waited hours in the hot July sun to see him, the salsa singer shared that there was no place he’d rather celebrate his album release than in his hometown.

“I was just a kid with a dream,” said Anthony. “The fact that I’m sitting here in Rockefeller Center is a little surreal.”

Anthony’s release of “3.0” is a special gift to fans; a decidedly personal album which the 44-year-old says reflects how far he’s come 25 years after the release of his first single, “Rebel.”

“It’s like a whole new and improved me,” the singer said of his new music on TODAY. “Just the approach to music was just a lot more refreshing.”

“I literally feel like I’m 18 all over again, and I have so much more to do!” Anthony said, noting that another artist had taken the title “2.0.” therefore obliging him to name his newest studio release “3.0.”

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But Anthony – whose album “3.0” comes nearly ten years after the release of 2004’s “Valió la Pena” – isn’t planning to wait another ten years for his next musical project, as he dives head first into music both for Spanish and English-speaking fans.

“I’ve been working on this album for many years,” Anthony told reporters of “3.0” at his industry listening party in New York City. “And I also have an English album coming out in six months, so I definitely consider this my most musical year ever.”

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Anthony’s jam-packed year also includes plans for a world tour that will kick off in Medellin, Colombia on August 6. The 44-year-old is planning to visit approximately 15 countries – including Australia, which he’s never visited before – to share the soulful, party-ready sounds of salsa, a genre of music made first popular by Latino musicians in New York City in the late 60s and one that Anthony has made his own with dozens of chart-topping hits.

But with the plans for the tour less than month away, Anthony is just happy to be home in New York City, relishing time spent with the fans who have helped making him one of the best-selling Latin artists of all time.

“I just want to really get to meet as many of those people who made this possible over the years,” said Anthony.

“They could be doing anything but the fact that they decided to the afternoon with me is absolutely surreal and overwhelming.”

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