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NBC/WSJ poll: Most say border security before immigration reform GOP “excuse”

A new NBC News/WSJ poll finds that on immigration, a majority of Americans reject the idea of additional border security before Congress proceeds with reforming the nation’s current immigration system.

The poll asked, “When you hear Republicans say that immigration reform must wait until the border is secure, do you think that is a legitimate concern that needs to be addressed first before immigration reform can take place, or they are using that as an excuse to block action on immigration reform?” To that question, 36 percent of Americans thought it was a legitimate concern, whereas 59 percent – including 79 percent of Latinos -thought it was an excuse to block reform.

The poll also found that 44 percent of Americans – including 49 percent of Latinos – said Republicans in Congress would be most to blame if there was a failure to come to agreement on an immigration bill before the end of the current term. By contrast, only 14 percent of Americans would blame the Democrats, 21 percent would blame Obama, and 11 percent say they are all equally to blame.

This is a stark contrast to June 2006, when a similar question found an almost equal blame for both parties on a lack of immigration legislation; at that time, 17 percent blamed Republicans, 15 percent blamed Democrats and 24 percent said they would blame then-President George Bush.

The poll interviewed 1,000 adults, and of these 11 percent identified themselves as Hispanic.

The poll also found an overwhelming majority of Americans – 83 percent – are dissatisfied with Congress.

Read more about the poll here.

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