CA growers and politicians unify in push for immigration reform

The push for comprehensive immigration reform is getting a big boost from the Central California Coast, as a delegation of growers and elected leaders urge Congress to enact reform this year.

On Tuesday, elected state and local leaders joined with growers to sign a letter of solidarity.

At a press conference at the National Steinbeck Center, speakers said they’re optimistic an immigration reform deal can land on the president’s desk this year, but time is running out.

Speakers included: Sergio Sanchez, Assemblyman Luis Alejo, California Strawberry Commissioner Rogelio Ponce, Salinas Mayor Joe Gunter, Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller, Supervisor Simon Salinas, and Carlos Ramos from the LULAC National Committee on Immigration.

The California Strawberry Commission is sending five members to Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers as well.

Last month, the Senate immigration reform bill cleared its first hurdle, and now advocates hope the national debate will turn into one that results in a road map to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

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