Classic Puerto Rican cuisine – like this plate of arroz con habichuelas – is the focus of Jeanette Jeanette Quiñones’s food blog. (Photo/Courtesy Jeanette Quiñones)

Food blogs we love: Sazón Boricua

Who’s blogging: My name is Jeanette Quiñones and I was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Although I have a degree in Political Science and years of experience in that field, I always knew that my real passion was hidden in the kitchen. Discovering it has helped me to seek new horizons and find the opportunity to feature food from a different perspective: not only as a natural need, but also as a source of pleasure. That passion took me to a new level of sharing when thinking on how to create a platform that would allow me to place my passion in a position at the reach of everyone

Explain your blog name: Puerto Rico is fortunate to benefit from the fusion of many different ethnicities and cultures, all which combined turn it into a gastronomic paradise. My blog takes its name from the term sazón boricua, which is the mixture of seasonings and spices that Puerto Ricans use to cook and season food, and thus to enhance the flavors of every dish we make with so much love for our families.

Blogging since: I’ve been blogging since June 2008 – but in November 2007, I started sharing my photos and recipes through a Flickr group. I consider that time period when my blog really began.

Blogging from: I blog from my home in beautiful Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican food blogger Jeannette Quiñones.

Puerto Rican food blogger Jeannette Quiñones.


Most popular post: Without a doubt, my most popular recipe is for Puerto Rican style sofrito. The recipe that ranks a close second in popularity is for arroz con habichuelas guisadas; the main dish in almost all the Puerto Rican households.

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: I always enjoyed cooking and as a child I loved to help my mother to prepare dinner for the family, but since I’m in the blogosphere I have expanded my culinary skills to learning about other cultures and their foods. I have also learned to be more organized and disciplined when it comes to cooking. I love using fresh ingredients as much as possible from my little home garden.

Where do you get inspiration for your posts? I’m inspired by the love of the thousands of people who follow my recipes every day. I like to surprise them. Personally, I get inspired by spicy smells, the smell of culantro when I’m watering my yard and also by the colors of my land of Borinquen.

What you’ve learned from blogging: I’ve found an open window of possibilities, both emotional and professional.

Where else can we find you online? I love connecting with people via Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest.

What are your favorite food blogs? Riquisimopr, Karma-free-cooking , En mi Cocina hoy, Mis Recetas Favoritas, Gabriela,Clavo y Canela, Nibbles and Feasts , Cocina Dominicana and Sweet Life Bake are some of my favorites!

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